Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Today was absolutely GREAT.
Random actually.

Miss Wong told me how terribly I did for My English Paper 1. Damn, I'm really feeling discouraged though my Paper's over & I cant do anything about it. Oh well, I'm trying to not let it bring me down or so cause I still have to concentrate on my A Maths paper 1 tmr.

Speaking of which, I take back what I said about the "bloodyhell 3N2 & 3N3" part I wrote last post. Bloodyhell 3N2 only kay. Their exams are like already over. I've forgotten that 3N3 has F&N and D&T tmr. LOL. Kaykay, hold on babes & dudes, only one last paper to go.

Then good news is trip to Melbourne is resumed ! Yeah ! Bad news is, i dont think I'll be going. Had a talk with mum about it and I said I dont think I want to go anymore cause I'd rather choose not to go then being banned from going. Get what I meant ? I mean, if I fail my parents wont allow me to go seyh. Mum said I really dont look confident each time I come home from school recently but I've been really studying my butts off . Well, she'll be having a talk with daddy about this later. I'm already saving up money yknow.

Alright lets not be pessimistic now shall we ?
As I mentioned, today was super duper great!

After the briefing, the usual triplets plus Khadijah & Aini headed off to Plaza. Amira, Liana, Aidil & Syazana headed off first. Grrrrr. Reached, Khadijah, Aini & Khairiyah went off first while Nazirah & me waited a thousand years for Aidil (Cousin) to come.
Damn it, his getting taller every time I met him. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !
Headed off to the library first where Khairiyah's expression was :O when she saw Aidil. HAHAH ! Nazirah & me feel like ROFL-ing. After that, headed to LJS for lunch where we made a hell a lot of noice . After that, lepak-ed at the playgound near Amira's place. Shasha was there & she was adorable ! Met... ehems, yeah I shant move on to that. Its, hurting but rather funny. I could just laugh to myself thinking about it. Headed home, walked with Khairiyah and obviously the rest were thinking "Artika kalau Aidil ader sombong ekh." or "Artika macam menggatal ekh dengan Aidil." Whatever lahh sey. I just never had a real conversation with him & his my only cousin I havent met for months. I normally meet my cousins a few times every month. I know someone in the group who would gossip like this. Watch your mouth will ya ?

Reached home, watched "The Biggest Loser". Studied, bathed then studied .
Pictures will be uploaded at the next post, promise kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !

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