Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Kill The Limbo

Artika's such an idiot !

Serves me right for not checking my answers.
Serves me right for not reading instructions.
Serves me right for being over-confident.

Gosh, the paper was simply manageable. I stupidly daydreamed during the last 25 minutes thinking that I had completed the whole paper but I missed out the last question. 8 marks gone, just like that ):
A maths was the worst ever ! By looking at the first question my mind already went blank. I was struggling through some questions. I was so concentrated on Chemistry yesterday and didnt bother to study A Maths. Lesson learned: Start studying before exam starts. Then start revising during the exam period.
Artika, you're such a dumbass yknoww!

Now theres only Physics & A Maths paper 1. Bloodyhell 3N2 & 3N3, they're last paper's tomorrow while mine's on Thursday. Kaykay relax, 2 more papers to go.

Andd Khairiyah wants to have a video call with me. Shit, how does this work mann !
oh wait, she clicked the wrong button -.-"

Before A Maths today, Rafiqah was being the usual funny self. Insulting me and all. Nazirah vomited during A Maths & I lost my concentration. GRRRRRRRR.

Chemistry wasnt the only problem.
I think my friends have lost trust in me ):

Remember the terrible sin I did last year ? Whoever knows, shush !
Since then, girlfies never bother to share anything with me. I dont know whether its a coicidence that this happened after the sin I did. You know when you're in a group & one person whispers to another in front of you ? They're doing that now. I dont mind them keeping secrets but whispering in front of me ? Kay, thats just simply rude especially as a friend. Oh, whatever.

I know I'm a really bad person. I've apologized to someone cause I was taking his existence for granted. I've explained to Khairiyah that the sin I did wasnt entirely his fault.
Oh but then again, I dont have your approval to control you.
Trust me, I think that you're the bestbestbestest friends and its pretty obvious that you dont think/feel the same way for me. I'm sorry to say this but as much as I want a "friends forever" kinda thing, we're gonna have to fly solo someday.
One day, we're all gonna wake up & not knowing what's missing.

Please dont ask me what this crappy post is about. You know exactly what I mean.

And I cant find the fucking reason whats wrong with me.

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