Friday, 22 May 2009

Help Me Up.


Love, I'm never going anywhere.

Its 12.25pm & yes I know what you're thinking. Why arent I in school? Sick Sick Sick! Which simply means I dont have to attend camp. I cant believe I'm saying this but yeah, I only like camps because I'll be in charge. Chey, like real. No lah. In charge for 2 activities only. Bunks & First Aid -.-" So yeah, I hope I can get well soon cause my trip to Australia is next week ! 9 more days yknow. Gosh, why cant I get sick after the trip huh?

Alright currently facebook-hopping & thinking of killing Dzul cause his gonna get promoted to Staff Sergeant when his only 15. HAHAH. Jealus much Artika? Neh. But it'll be bloody loong for me to get a promotion yknowww! HAH! Dzul, I'm joking.

Then uhhm yeah, today woke up with abit of temperature. Abit only, so I continued to sleep till 9am. Watched Heroes, bathed then went to meet Mommy at Greenridge to visit the doctor and have breakfast. At Banquet, the food seller was like, "ekh, she looks like your sister!" or "ekh, why you marry so early huh?". HAHAH! Kekekekek sey. They were talking to my mum lah. I tried laughing out loud but my stupid throat is damn sore so I couldnt. I cant even speak seyy. I'm not disabled pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So yeah, I'll be going to camp tmr instead. Just for awhile. I'll go home after the Barbeque. But one thing I'm afraid of will be the gate closing. Skali if the barbeque finish late then the gate close how? HAHAH. Nevermind. I'll sleepover then go back early the next day. Last shift for night duty. Shit.

So yeah like that lah! Anywayss, I was bloghopping & I noticed some people's blog were spammed. Haiz, no life lah this people. Kay fine, not some. ALOTT! Hahaha, kk I shant embarrass anyone. Man, I should mind my own business more yknow.

Okeh then. Its 3pm & I'm soo darn bored but I've got nothing else to talk about. Bye!

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