Monday, 11 May 2009


True love has no "happily ever after". It never ends.

Like a lady wearing thick eyeliner & a black hood, I'm invisible.

Today was rocking. I'm glad that i met girlfies today. They certainly made me feel better from last night. I shant elaborate on that but frankly, I'd do anything to get out of the house & meet them. Nothing could go wrong that way (:

Last night was full of fun, joy & laughter. Was on the phone with Rio for like 10 mins then talked on the phone with the usual Laughing Gases till 1am. Its been awhile since we conference-d. Woke up at 10am, bathed and cleaned. Met Khairiyah then headed off to fajar Mac Donald. Studied there, like what us girlfriends always do on public holidays. It'll definitely be a much better study group with Azlina in it (: A surprise visit by Berok/Shrek. Lepak-ed, went home.

P/S :

Manchester & Liverpool will be going down someday.

Anddd, I didnt really cried on the first photo pleaseeeeeeeee. I aint so sympathetic.
Byeeeeeeeee !

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