Saturday, 16 May 2009

Nobody's Perfect.

Currently feeling, worried to death! If I'd known better, I would study harder for my mid-year. It just came to my mind that the marks for the paper I did would appear on the second column of the progress report. Shit! I'm seriously dead. Talked to Nazirah yesterday and she didn't made me feel better as well. So yeah, hung up soon. Went to sleep, I almost cried thinking about this. Miss Wong's words were still in my head and I cant seem to get it out of my mind. I guess I wont be able to go to Melbourne after all :(

I shant elaborate on this kay. Apparently everybody wasnt ready for this and not only me. Lets just hope for the best kay? I'll be praying hard for everyone (:

Alright yesterday, mentioned that we went to Erlyyana's crib. I've got to admit her mom's cookings were great & for once, I didnt have to peel off the shell of prawns when I eat. Hahahah. Sabila & Rafiqah were damn funny with Erfan's guitar and all. Surprise visit from haizrul, very unexpected indeed. Erlyyana's room was like, wow. Small but cozy, i liiiiiiiiiiiiiike!
Went to Greenridge after that with the usual and then went home straight after. So yeah, that was yesterday.

Today was the most boring day ever! Woke up, cleaned, bathed, ate, talked on the phone, slept again. yeah, and its only 5.24pm now. I just finished watching Twilight which I rented yesterday. Brings back good times when I went to watch movies with the Triplets & Aidil. LOL!

So yeah, nothing else. Currently also bloghopping to find more surveys/quizes/whatever. Waitwait !

Alaaaaaaaaaaar, dont haveeeee ! D; Nevermindd.
Kay take care all !

P/S, yay to Kris & Adam for getting into the finals! :D

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