Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rocking Hard

Fat Arms! >:(
Supzxzxzxz Bloghoppers !
Today was, fantastic-o !

I broke a record sey! Slept at 3am last night, was talking to the usual laughing gases till 2am then played my sister's PSP till 3am. Teehee. Slept, woke up at 11.30am. Yeah, that was the record. *applause*

Bathed, went to Bukit Timah for lunch. Ate at BBQ Chicken. My tongue was burning like hell ! HA-HA. Did some shopping & I bought a top from Nike and a singlet. Oh, and Java Chip from Starbucks! Jealous not? Nicee yknowwwwwwwwwwwwww! HAHAHAH.

Went home, watched Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. Bathed then dinner was Salmon! YAY.
Yes, it was a veryvery fun day indeed.

Gawd, I cant wait for school tomorow. I cant believe i'm saying this but yeah since exam is over, I cant wait to have fun with my class during the post-exam activities. Will be going to the Old Folk's Home this Tuesday. thank god its a muslim home so it'll definitely be easier for us to prepare things. Hope that the CIP points would be reasonable. I really need the points sey.

So uhmm anyway, Red cross Annual Camp will be this Friday. I hope the seniors wont like, yknow. Be too fierce. Scawy! And I'm in group Alpha baby! With Afifah, Wena and someone else as the mentors. I cant remember who that "someone else" is kay. Not that I've got anything against her or whatt so yeah.

Ooooh, Sabila just called asking me if next week's schedule will be activities or marking of releasing of results. (Correct my sentence please. Heh.) I'm seriously feeling very, argh! Just all the negative feelings you can think of kay. I thought the results will be released next week.
God, I know I havent been studying but I really want to pass this exams more than anything. I dont expect As. 50-60 would be okay I guess. I shant talk about this again. Its giving me goosebumps. Chey, goosebumps what seyy? Anyhow say onlyy ekhekh ?

Anddddd please dont text me till the 21st. Inbox super full. I know what you're thinking. "Delete lah!" My text messages went over the limit again if you know what I mean. So yeah. Texts & calls wont be replied/answered. I'll call you back using my home phone kay? Bye!

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