Monday, 15 June 2009

Even at the worst of times, the only thing that'll make me feel better would be knowing that you still care.

Hello Hello Hello Hey Hi.
No pictures today though I had a friggin fantastic time with Girlfriends today.

Azlina, Khairiyah & Nazirah came over to do our Maths Project & its friggin harder then we thought. Calculating's fine but finding infos, seriously sometimes the Internet is irritating. It gives us too much information sometimes. Camwhored a little then ate. Talktalk then we went Greenridge to buy some stuffs. Yeah, that was my afternoon.
Went out for dinner after that & I never felt more pissed off with my parents before. But nevermind about that. I'm trying hard to forget about it. Whatever it is boyfriend/Girlfies still accepts me for who I am :) Ate at Pastamania. I was quiet. I'd rather keep my mouth shut at a time like that cause I tend to say something stupid & daddy will give me the look. So yeah. After dinner, bought the Top that I've been craving for. Yes Khairiyah the vintage/checkered top from This Fashion with the zip on it. HARHAR. For once I bought something first before her. After that bought Yani's nail polish. Yeah, I cant believe it either that Yani's wearing Nail Polish now. Then ate ice-cream. No lah, I didnt. Daddy & Yani did. Bought cookies & I'm saving mine for tomorrow. Yeah, that was pretty much my day. Short but detailed. Happy ?

Anyway, I'll be going off to Melaka this Thursday which simply means I cant celebrate m first month with Boyfriend ): Look on the bright side, I'm meeting him on Wednesday. Yay :]

Gnight :D

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