Friday, 21 August 2009

(l), you should have lied.

Remember the other day I said I was going to Botanical Garden & I'll upload the pictures I took there ? Okay well, I stupidly left the camera in the car the other day & I only took pictures using my pathetic phone. *sighs* Sad right ? Anwyay, it was night time when I reached there so I only took pictures of the clouds -.-"

Reminder: If you want to take pictures of you jumping, do not wear flair skirts :-]

Going to this daycare center later. I hope Y.O allows me to take pictures. Yes, I love Red Cross no matter how much other CCAs think's how lame we are. Alotalot of Community Service, hence more CIP points. Yeay ! Helps alot kay helloooo ?

By the way, hi.

(L), Lift the clouds.

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