Thursday, 20 August 2009

(L), you think I'm dumb ?

HAHAHAH ! Nabei lu Qilah. Bloodyhell spam my blog.
Fyi, she came to my house yesterday & the day before. Andandand she has access to my house computer. Hence, haha is Sri Nurul Aqilah. Kanina.

Kay, to whom it may concern :

Don't care about me ? Don't care about my bloody blog nor my bloody tagboard ? Why the fuck would you spam ? HAH ! I know, I feel so sorry for you for having a pathetic life. That's why you're mean right mangkok ? Please lah, if you think this is getting on my nerves, it isn't. Unlike you I've got better things to do.

Wait, you don't care right ? Okay so I shall elaborate more.

I think there's something wrong with you since you left the birdpark. HMMMMMMM. Go to a doctor to get your brain fixed please. I think you rebonded your hair too much also :0

So yeah, that's all I've got to say. WEEEE! Today's a happy day :-D

Boyfriend's still at school doing D&T. *YAWNS* Poor thing ekh ? Bye all (:

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