Sunday, 13 September 2009


Just watched Step Up 2 The Streets on HBO. Coolshitx! I watched it at the movies with Azmirah & Hakim. Hakim treated us so yeah heheh. Norliana might like this. EHEHE. The video quality isn't good so bear with it if you wanna watch it kkk? Had Mega Mac Spicy for break fast. Remind me to stick with the original one. My whole mouth isn't that big to be able to stuff it in my mouth. Seriously yknow it reminded me of Boyfriend eating his Mac Spicy. Harharhar. Kidding luv.

Well, I'm currently stuck at home with the irritant. I already completed all my homeworks which are due tommorow. I'll be pretty much be quite busy with Awards Day rehearsels & I'm planning to stay back on the other days to study with Girlfriends. Friday the usual training & I hope I won't have to climb the rockwall during PE despite being able to wear shoes now. Big toe still hurts a bit kay *sniffs*

Urgh, I'm really not in the mood to go to school tommorow. Hate it hate it hate it. I hate school. I don't like climbing up 8 flights of stairs. I don't like facing my teachers who keeps on complaining about us complaining. I don't like POA. I don't like assemblies. I don't like hair checks. I don't like staying in class during recess time. I don't like learning new A Maths Trigo.

Yknow I thought I can study for long hours during the fasting month. After all I can't do anything much so might as wells study. But turns out that I can only study for an hour after that I have to stop or I'll get tired and really sickening headaches. I admit that I haven't been studying at all during the holidays. Okay I have but for atleast one hour each day which is simply not enough. I can't help it but waste my time on lappie all the time & I did mention that I'll be self-disciplining myself right ? Well, heheheh.

Anyways, just got of the phone with Nazirah & Azlina. Talked about the usual with Naz & yeah, I really miss calling her every night & telling her what's up with my life at home despite seeing her everyday in school. After like an hour of chatting I called Azlina to ask about POA homework. She hasn't done it as well. HAHAH, well I find it quite surprising that she hasn't completed all her homeworks. Hoho, join the club Lina! Then talked to her about ehems. Thisthis guy. Kay neverminnd. You know, I know. Public don't know. Shush.

Anyways, I think I got to go now. Yeapz, gtg. Gotta go, gotta fly. Thy butterfly fly away. What's thy uhh ? I still got the thee thou thy stuff in my head ever since I read Shakespear's book. Romeo & Juliet lah heh. Nice yknow! But be prepared to cry uh. Heh. Bye!

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