Saturday, 9 July 2011

My sixteen year old crush, O levels oral and my muscular green hero

You know what sucks and rocks at the same time? Having a huge crush on a boy younger than you. I feel like a cougar ): But basically it's because I've known the men in my batch for five years and I don't see them anything more than a friend. I shan't say that they aren't good looking because I just noticed that they are. Not charming, just exceptionally good looking. They just have to put aside they're irritating attitude and become more gentleman to have a girlfriend. Haha, back to the point. I am such a sucker for guys with thick eyebrows. Seriously, usually women don't like that but I do. Basically people who look very Pakistan-ish. Anyways, about this kid/boy, I don't know his name. Which is pretty safe because just in case someone asks me I don't have to feel bad about lying because hah, it's the truth. And I don't hope for anything serious. His just someone I like because he looks incredibly handsome. I do heard that his not a very nice person. The type who gets into trouble a lot. What a turn-off! It's always the good looking ones who are such assholes. I usually try not to make it obvious cause Nazirah will be such a bitch by giving me the stare which makes me feel so embarrassed. Teehee!

(If it so happens that any guy younger than me is reading this, I'm not referring to you.)
You can ask me as much as you want, I shan't tell! Never ever ever!

Moving on, my Malay O level oral was. *spams angry faces* The theme was tourist attractions. I was able to answer the first question which was name a few examples till the next question was about the convenience of that place. My mind went blank and I gave a shitty look to the teachers. What tha hell! I obviously understood the question better if it were in English, which I only thought of after the whole thing. After that was fine. Overall, I'm screwed. I'm so sad. I was really hoping that my oral would be able to pull up my overall marks cus after all, I won't be surprised if I didn't do well for my written exam ): I just hope I'll get at least a grade five.

Today was bitter. Just like any other, it had it's ups and downs. I woke up with my mom's shouting as my alarm clock. It was fucking 8am and my appointment starts at 10.15am. I've been sleeping late and waking up early for the past five days and my remedials end atleast at 5pm everyday. Can't I just get another thirty fucking minutes of sleep? Argh, never mind. Apparently my parents was in a bad mood this morning I don't know why. I was yelled at again after my shower which was pretty random because I take long showers all the time and out of the many days they chose today to ruin my day. Plus they even switched off the light while I was showering. Ergh, how rude. Never mind that. I'm pretty used to the drama I face at home. Drama at school is worse, don't even get me started on it. Just that at school I don't have to deal with the people who gives me shit all the time because there are others around me.

So we went to NUH after that for my appointment for my ingrown toe nail. If you can recall, I had a day surgery in September 2009. I had like one fifth of my toenail removed and had to wear a bandage for like five to six days. It's a good feeling after the pain was gone. Unfortunately early this year it came back. I was excused from NAPHA and for PE for like a month. Considering that I never liked PE, I didn't mind. So we went to the podiatrist and she helped me trim my nail a bit and it looked so much cleaner! I luv!

I thought I waited like an hour for my name to be called but it was only fifteen minutes. Just shows how impatient I am. Anyways, yeah the podiatrist cleaned my nail blah blah blah. Went to lunch at this very fancy but reasonable restaurant for Briyani (lunch) and finally went to watch The Green Lantern. It's pretty good actually. You're a noob if you haven't watch it muahaha!

Walked around a lil bit and then home and then bath and then study at Fajar Mac.
By the way I just successfully made a bimbo comment to someone so close to me I can call her my girlfriend (short and annoying too!) See facebook!


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