Friday, 1 July 2011

It's Effing Friday!

I am so heartbroken from watching yesterday's episode of Boys Over Flowers. Here here here! If I was there girl I think I'd be rolling over the floor crying my eyes out. I was distracted in school today by that stupid scene.

But it's so upsetting. I know there's gonna be a happy ending though. Thank goodness I've got no school on Monday. I won't be able to miss the last episode.

So moving on, I know I'm not supposed be blogging but I just came home from a study group and I saw the computer on. So ta-daa!

I'm going off to have dinner out with my family soon. It's been a long time since we had a family dinner out. All of us had been so busy. And when I mean all of us, I meant me. I'm pretty much the busiest person in this house, literally. Why else than preparing for O levels? And my dad's taking his Diploma (or Masters, I can't remember)! And my sister's going through her streaming year and well, my mum doesn't have any other commitments left since she quit PSG and stop visiting my cousins every week. I shan't say she's not busy though. It makes her seem like she never does anything. She's really sensitive about it :P

I need to bath. And I though of my cousins today. All this while it's always them who goes to holidays together and my family's left out because it's either we can't afford it or one of us has plans ): I'm so sad. But I'm going Melaka tomorrow, yayness! I hope there's still enough durians.

(I hope the fitness module pays off after that)

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