Friday, 2 September 2011

Teacher's Day!

I might as well say that my last teacher's day as a secondary schooler was well spent. Before I got home at least.

 So the best day (in school) ever started off with the usual nagging during assembly blah blah blah. And then it was form teacher's time for an hour. I wasn't expecting to get my report book back neither did I expect to improve so effing much from my previous exam. It was amazing! 

After that there were inter class games. We didn't manage to enter the finals (it was all last minute, really) but it's okay. The final match between 5N2 and 3E1 was hysterical! Especially with Mr Teo and Mr Sng in it. I had a good time just by watching it. It was really fun. Apart from that, a few of my other friends and I took a photo at the 'studio'. So called lah ya. they had an umbrella and everything and it was for a good cause (: 

After that was the concert. By then all the former students came rushing into the hall. Looking at them makes me want to do all sorts of things with my hair after I finish school. Rebonding, perming, treatments, colouring etc. The concert was amazing. Though n a personal level I feel like some performances were either too much or too little unlike the previous years. Ah, forgive me for being disappointed in your hard work but yes, it was till a good show.

Met with a few former students. Hakim, Mervyn, Wena etc. It feels so good to be able to see them again. Took pixxies (which I will upload much later), gave out prezzies and then went to the dentist with my family. 

It was like the first time I went there since two years. Had my teeth cleaned and polished my mouth feels so fresh! Plus, I'm having braces on :) the dentist said my case isn't severe but when I looked into the mirror and see that my two front teeth is so freaking crooked, I demanded to have braces! Okay no, kidding. I just don't mind having them on. Lot's of restrictions right? There's certain types of food you can't eat and the list goes on. But look on the bright side, I'll eat less! So by the time I have them taken off I'd be slightly thinner with perfectly straight teeth! 


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