Monday, 5 September 2011


So considering that I'm bored and that my English sucks to the core, I'll just make do with whatever vocab is available in my dictionary. 

I might as well say that I'm seventeen since my birthday is like only a month plus away. I've been obsessed with cosmetics ever since I could remember. For some of you girls, your mum may have tell you that you're too young for make up etc. But you just want to look/feel pretty right? I don't deny that I'm vain. But I do know my limits. 

1. I don't use lipstick. All of the colours are either too dull or too light or too skin colour. In other words, it makes me look old. Old like 30 plus. Plus it makes my teeth look yellow. Haha, it really does. That's why when I see girls my age or younger than me with bright red lipstick I'll be like 'are you kidding me!" But ya lah, do wtv you want to do. I'm just saying. Gloss is still the best! Shiny and even if your lips are dry, it doesn't really show cus it so called 'moist' the lips. 

2. I use foundation. Not to school but when I go out. I don't know if it's my sensitive skin or if that thing is getting old but my face itches when I use it. It hasn't been 12 months yet. So I switched to BB cream. I honestly do not know what tha hell is that. But so far it's good. You know some girls use creams like these and they look pale white? Okay maybe not pale white. Fairer than their natural skin colour. i thought the purpose of this foundation/BB cream is to hide pimples or wrinkles and not make your face look fairer. I thought lah but I don't know. 

3. Eyeliner! My least favourite but I still wear it sometimes. There was this period when every girl would wear eyeliners everywhere. Literally! Even to school! i don't know about your school but in my school, there's no need to impress anyone so why wear make-up (to school) in the first place? I mean moisturizer and powder's fine but eyeliner (don't even get me started about contacts)? Seriously, this is school. Not town. Again, just saying. Btw, I saw somewhere that white eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger or something. Which is better than looking emo. Haven't tried it yet tho. 

I really don't know what else to say about teenage girls nowadays. I mean, who am I to say right? I'm a teen girl and I'm not perfect either. But sometimes seventeen year olds wanna act like they're thirty seven. I like looking at girls who dress fresh and young. In bright colours wearing short skirts or jeans with a simple shirt or blouse. Dresses are fine too, when people know you look like your age. 

Okay, everyone has their own opinion on different matters such as this. This is just an opinion on mine. To summarize, I don't feel that there's a need to wear make up to school/wearing lipstick is so, nvm/the era of the thick eyliner has ended. 

I think issues like this sound less offensive (in case anyone 'terase') when I actually say it compared to writing/blogging about it. Should make a vlog, but neh! Shy lah heheheheheh! 

Off to Sims!

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