Monday, 26 December 2011

MIss Tan's Wedding!

So I obviously can't remember specifically what happened on that day so I'll just let most of the pictures do the talking yah! 

The day started off with the usual 'when-I-go-out-already-I-text-you'. So I met Liana around 10 plus I think? When I saw her I felt super under dressed. Nonetheless, I felt comfortable with what I wore. Blah blah blah met Amira and then had Lunch at Mac Donalds and then we met the rest.  

Did a last minute card-signing. Look at the ridiculously adorable things they wrote! Hahaha! 

The place was at Serangoon. Yes, extremely far. And it was a pretty big group. 

Met a few familiar faces at the entrance :D 

Inside the church

The most adorable boy I've ever seen! 

Isn't she beautiful? You know they say that the only times you see a teacher smile will be on their wedding day (and when they have children, heh!). So yes, I felt very honoured to be invited! 

I brought this clutch along. Bought it at Sabah. Heheh! Too small to fit in anything. And speaking of which, Nigel! I need my umbrella back! :P 

Rings from Prom Night'10 

A few teachers from Zhenghua. 

Boon Lay Sec students. 
And yes, we did take photos with the newly weds but it was taken by the professional photographer so i don't have it with me :( Next was the reception. We just had deserts. 

Fruit tarts! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

Camwhored with Miss Tan after that ;)

Thennn headed home.

Fact: Sean will never turn you down if you want to take a photo with him. Never ever ever! :P 

And he was the one who asked me to take a photo of them. You rarely meet guys who likes taking photos (and knows how to smile decently) okay! 

So that's it. I apologise for the horrible quality. Congrats Miss Tan! 


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