Friday, 13 January 2012

Everyone loves Smiggle ^^

Hey all you smigglers! If you're a big Smiggle fan, this post is for you! :)
But everyone loves Smiggle right?

What I love most about Smiggle are their unique products. The shops are so colourful and well organized that it makes passers by attracted to it. I remembered when I first stepped into their outlet at at Lot One. It felt like heaven, rainbow heaven!

So this morning while I was at Lot One, I stopped by the shop to look for things that might come in handy when I start school. But frankly I didn't know what to buy so I bought a 2012 diary, a pink pen and a bookmark!

And ah my gawd they're nature friendly too!

And inside the diary-

Public holidays of three different countries! It's really awesome!

A little bit like our school's youth planner.

And the last few pages

A 'poker page'! How cool is that?!

Units of measurement. May come in handy ^^

Sudoku. I'm gonna learn how to do this ;)

Roman numerals.

And there are games too! Ahahaha! It's really unique.

The pen I bought.

It's pretty smooth too!

So yes, how can you not love smiggle? The name itself is cute! And it's a really good place to buy gifts too. I think I'll be coming here very often soon, eheh! Might as well be a staff. Eh, not a bad idea aye?

Plus plus plus! With every 10 dollars spent, you will get a stamp on your Craver Saver card!

I already got two stamps ^^ And after fourteen stamps you'll get a free gift! ANDDDDD there's no expiry date! Wawawawahhhhh! 

So that's all from me today. I think I shall play Sims now :)
Have a lovely weekend ahead everyone! 

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