Monday, 30 January 2012

And my course is *drumroll*

Nursing! *ba dum ts* 
It was no surprise to many people particularly my relatives but I was nervous as hell! 

I can't believe that everything will be different when school starts. We'll all be too busy with life and secondary school will be nothing but a memory. I already miss it now, what more when Poly has started? 

I promised a blog post dedicated to my classmates so here goes. 

Words can't even describe how extremely happy you've made me for the past three years. I won't deny the fact that some of you annoy me sometimes but hey, no one's perfect. I'm no good girl either *ehems* But it's amazing how a single laugh can outweigh all the bad things we've been through as a class. 

I'm sure that one day we'll all look back and laugh at all the crazy things we've done. Like when WeiCong couldn't keep his mouth shut during class and Chloe threw a highlighter or smth at him but missed or when Benny throws his tantrum every five seconds or when every time after a test we'd be looking forward to which 'S' scores best - don't get me wrong tho, we're not comparing. Just something we middle classes do cus we're such sour grapes! Oh! And not to mention Leon's comeback answer whenever he tries to prove his point. I'm already laughing at it eehee! 

We may not be the most united class ever - actually we're not united at all come to think of it. Haha! But we've got our good times. I really hope that this class outing turns out well. Looking forward to what Najiy has planned for us! 

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