Sunday, 29 January 2012

Make shakes!

Yay another food post! I like blogging about food because it makes the world go round! Besides money of course. Teehee! 

So yesterday after visiting nenek, my parents and I went to City Square. Well, actually Dad went else where while mum and I went window shopping. Technically, she bought a pair of shoes and a mascara. I keep on eyeing on the new Loreal Roll On Foundation but I don't know if I should just stick with Body Shop. I'm eyeing on the Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation too! 

Kay enough about foundations! Here's another new thing I'd like to introduce to yall. 

Yay milk shakes! It's called make shake because you get to 'customize' it. Choose a base (like vanilla and chocolate) and then choose a flavour (like milo, horlicks etc) and if you want, you can choose toppings (like M&Ms etc) It's really cool plus by looking at the signs and all you'll obviously be intrigued by it! 

Haha Make Shake Not War XD 

I was unsure to choose which flavour so I asked them what was the most popular and they showed me the 'Awesome Shakes' - its just a list of flavours thats all. Even with that I still couldn't choose because they all look so yummy! In ten end they told me that the most popular one is Marshella - marshmallows + nutella! 

It's really thick so be sure to have a bottle of water with you! This is a must try okay! ;) 

Can't wait for later! Going swimming with Adam di dum! 

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