Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Perfect Bucket List

The previous one was lame. So I thought I'd make a new one! 
Hope this would be more interesting :) 

Anyways yeah, there's just so many things I'd like to do that can't be done within a lifetime. Ahah! 

kinda already am. Lul! But i'd like to bath one of my nieces one day ;)


And things I've already done!

So that's it then. 
Late last year two of my cousins went to a Europe tour (lucky) and ah my gawd I can't wait till it's my turn and then I can cancel off two or three things off my bucket list!

Oh! And the course that I'm admitted to? Nursing! *ba dum ts* 
Dad just accidentally sent me a text he was supposed to send to mum asking if I needed new clothes for Poly. i think it was supposed to be a surprise. But anyway, yay shopping! 

Anyways, I'm pretty relieved that I got into Nursing. A few other people did too. Actually a lot of people did. But I didn't enter because it was the only option, I did it because I wanted to. A lot of people - including my boss - were pretty stunned that I choose Nursing considering the number of points I got while my friends were hoping that I choose law over nursing. Frankly, a part of me think I should. But I don't think that my parents will support me just as much if I choose otherwise. 

Nonetheless, I'm still happy :) 

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