Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A blog post of a post O Level Candidate.

Hello cyber world.
So yesterday was the release of the O Level results and all of us were really really super duper nervous/anxious. I spent like two months working-ish, staying home learning to cook-ish, doing chores-ish and most certainly rotting/slacking/dreaming. It's been a long two months but at the same time I wasn't looking forward to getting my results. And well, lets just say that parents are right. Time does fly fast.

So I'll just cut to the chase. I got 19 points! Thank goodness for my CCA points, two points will be deducted - which makes it 17 ;) I unexpectedly scored a B3 for English! I couldn't believe it, really! It was a really tough paper and I was most worried about my English. And I scored reasonably for my other subjects too. No distinctions - not to mention a D for my POA - this time but it's okay I guess :) I don't see accountancy in my future anyways. 

I'm feeling really satisfied with my results now. The sacrifices - no tv, no internet, no sims, no late night phone calls, no going out, staying up pretty late to do revisions, staying back in school to study, no naps etc - had really paid off. My grades aren't that fantastic but it could be worse right? It was more than what I thought I would get and I'm pretty proud of myself. 

Anyways, on that day itself, I forced Mum to come down to school. What can I say, I was taught to be prepared for the worst and I most certainly couldn't do it alone. Even mommy didn't want to come down and right then I thought that even she didn't had any confidence in me. So much for being a mother right? Hah! Dad was supposed to come down too - he took a half day! - but in the end didn't come down -.- As per usual, the express stream did so much better but we didn't do too bad ourselves! Nearly 70% to 80% were elligible for poly and the number of English passes improved! Not to mention E/A Maths. We did massively better than the previous batch too! But really, when you're the one sitting in the hall, you don't really care how the whole school does. Hahaha! 

I had to wait like forever to get my results but in the meantime I was walking around (yknow, being kpo and all) asking what other people's results were etc. I was like phew, not bad so far. And then it was my turn and my teacher told me my points straight away. I was already crying (come to think of it, it's really pathetic ahahah) and jumping up and down while looking at mom who was at the back of the hall. I couldn't see her face tho my eyes was covered with tears. Lulz. 

Then people around me started getting disappointed and I wasn't really happy anymore. Trust me, I wanted to be. And so it half-ruined my day because I was really hoping that I could share my happiness with my friends but. Neh. I do understand tho. Just that some people can be really damn cold that I can't stand it! 

Okay bye now! 
And no, this isn't the 'thank you classmates' post. It's coming soon! :D 

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