Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Single = Happiness? Reallay?

It hasn't been long since I last blogged. Like what, four hours? Yes, that was the amount of time I spent applying for Polytechnic. Before I go on, I'd just like to share the courses I chose ;D

  1. Health Sciences (Nursing) - Ngee Ann 
  2. Nursing - Nanyang
  3. Medicinal Chemistry - Nanyang 
  4. Pharmaceutical Sciences - Temasek 
  5. Biomedical Sciences - Ngee Ann 
  6. Law & Management - Temasek
  7. Dental Hygiene & Therapy - Nanyang 
  8. Mass Communication - Ngee Ann
  9. Child Psychology & Early Education - Ngee Ann
  10. Early Childhood Education - Ngee Ann
  11. Human Resource Management with Psychology - Ngee Ann
  12. Aerospace Engineering - Republic
I was pretty much eligible to all the courses I'm interested in based on the codes given on the form but not how many points I have. I mean I scored 19 and clearly courses like Mass Communication and Psychology are out of the topic but the codes appeared on my form so what the heck, I applied anyway. I just really hope that I got into Nursing. 

Okay so back to the topic. Now that I can access the net like anywhere, I'd usually log on into my Facebook every few hours and what I always see on my news feed is that people saying shit like 'I'm single and I'm happy!' Bitch really? I know it's your account and you can post whatever you want but I didn't say that I disagree with you either. I mean I've been single for like two years and these people who usually post such statuses are usually the ones who just broke up. It's clearly because you would like to show the whole world that you're fine and you're cool with it. I won't deny that maybe you might be doing well in life but hey, is it really necessary to 'show off'? Does your mother updates her facebook status every ten seconds and say 'I'm proud to be a mother!' ? No right? 

Being single is only a big achievement to you when you've been attached (or married) all your life and you finally broke off (or divorced). All I'm saying that it's really normal and you don't have to be so alien/excited about it. It also shows that you weren't happy when you were attached. Being single has its cons too. Just because you're single it doesn't mean that your life is problem-free. Trust me, problems will find you. AND you won't be completely happy. Honestly, would you want to stay single for the rest of your life? It's a sad life I tell you. No wife/husband and no kids. Sheesh, I can't imagine how miserable my parents' life would be without me in it. Ahahahahaha - Yes Cik Wati I know you're reading this! ;D 

Anyways, to sum everything up I don't fully believe that just because you're single it doesn't mean you're happy all the time. I see couples happier than you are. I have to admit that there are times when I thought about my last relationship and how I wish I was a better person then. It drives me nuts and there are some mornings when I woke up and I thought I'm someone's girlfriend but I'm not. Yes, I sound so insane here! But he moved on and hey, if he could do it so can I right? Its been like what, three or four years? But one thing I like about being single is that you learn to appreciate the people in your life and be more aware that people don't stay in your life forever. 

Enough said. And to all the desperados out there, watch this. 

Ah, gotta love Luan Legacy :) 

Speaking of which, here's a reason why. His not arrogant at all! Dirty yes, but not arrogant! I'm actually really pleased by how he replies questions on Tumblr. 

Not bad for someone so, vulgar. Right? *applause*

Oh! I finally managed to watch Ombak Rindu. Meh. Will blog about what I thought it would happen and how it should happen. Meh meh meh. The show was great, I just hoped that it'll move me more. 

Bye yaw! 

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