Saturday, 7 January 2012

Universal Studios!

Hello everyone! 
Soooo how has school treated you so far? Well if you're a Junior/Senior (Sec 3/4/5), get used to the stress level. It's gonna be tough, really. But it's not impossible to do well also. I've seen it. Just don't turn arrogant along the way ^^ And do study hard yah!

So yesterday was the best day of the year so far and as you've seen/heard, my friends and I went to Universal Studios! It was the first time for them, third time for Aini and the second time for moi. Not much changes since the last time I went there except for the Transformers Ride of course! More on that later :)

Naz suggested that we meet before 8am and we ended up meeting around 8.30 am -.- Took a bus to Vivo and then took another bus to Resorts World Sentosa! 

Too big? Hahaha, I think so too! :P

And the sight of Shrek's castle made me sooooo excited I couldn't shut up.

And we're finally here!

Happy faces :)

We arrived around ten and look at the line! 

But it surprisingly didn't took long. 

Still, some people don't like waiting. Ahaha!

And inside! Ahah, you should've seen how extremely excited we were!

Saw the Woodpeckers and I wanted to take a photo with them but the line was so long! :(

Went into the souvenier shop first.

Ah, my beloved Donkey! 

And as usual, I felt tempted to buy the soft toys!


Another favourite cartoon character!

Went back out and look who we bumped into!


Betty Boop! 

Randomly went back into the shop to look for Liana and Amira.

And then back out again.

And we bumped into another friend!

Hello New York, New York, New Yooooooooork~

And homg, these guys are really good looking!
(Not to mention talented too!)

Okay yah, these shades don't do well for me. Hmmmm. 

And then to Steven Spielberg's 'Lights, Camera, Action!'

A very good 'show' indeed! 

And to the ride which we've all been waiting for!

And at about this point, I thought it was a roller coaster and I was like shitzxczxc! I hate roller coasters! I froze after that and I wanted to turn back but we're so far in front and we waited 40 minutes already. I was still very frightened - after the Mummy ride when I first got there - but Amira insisted on sitting next to me and I was like awwwwh! I felt a bit calmer. So during the ride I spent like half of the time closing my eyes and then I figured that it wasn't that bad at all! Ergh, totally regret closing my eyes! Thanks Amira!

So obviously they wanted to ride this roller coaster and guess who got stuck babysitting their bages :( I don't mind tho! 

And their reactions after the ride.

Liana didn't even know where she was going! Hahahahah!

And yes, these vainpots changed cus they were scared of getting wet. Hahaha! 

Naz kneeled down! Ahahaha! 

To Egypt 

Aini forever being photogenic and pretty!

They took the Muumy ride while I waited outside.

Nazirah's reaction after the ride? 

After that to Lost World.

We actually sat down at the food court to have lunch but then realized that it was Non Halal. So we went to Far Far Away! Ah, my favourite part!

The pole everyone loves.

And this is what naz gets when she unintentionally crosses Liana. She gets her ass kicked. 

And then sat down at Goldilocks for lunch. 

Yes, Naz and Khai brought food along so that we don't have to spend much on food! How thoughtful!

Went into the castle for Shrek's 4D adventure!

All of us were pretty sleepy then.

It was pretty cool! Although I think the seat didn't move to much this time. Hmmmm.


Cinderella (moi)

Sleeping Beauty (Liana)

Snow White

Rapunzel (Azlina!) 

Went into the shop and took the Magic Potion Spin! :D

Guess who I sat with. 



Baby Shreks are so cuteeeeeee!

Next to Donke Live!

The show was really fun! Better than the last time. Maybe cus the joke wasn't on me :P

Haha, long story!
Next to Madagascar!

I loved this ride! I don't understand why they found it lame. It was fun okay! 

After that, you guessed it! We went for a second round off the whole place! And we went for a second ride on TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE w/o my eyes shut this time! 

Oh! We took the Enchanted Airways and by then, everyone was having a phobia of roller coasters! Based on what Aini told us, it was a pretty slow ride - we can even hold our bags! - but when it was going up, Liana was like 'Siaper punyer idea ni?' and we all started laughing but at the same time we were very scared too but when it went down, we were like 'lerrrrrrrr.' Ahahahaha!

After that, we took a lot of (failed) jumping shots! With my phone!

How the hell does Khai manage to jump so high?!

I look really awkward here.

And then the rest when to take a second round of Battlestar Galactica while Naz and I were stuck babysitting their bags. So apa lagi, camwhore ah!

Ah the sunset.

Haha Gangsta Paradise!

Reached home before ten. Bathed, edited and uploaded the photos. It took forever so I left the computer on for it to finish uploading. All in all, I'd say that my day was well spent. I just wish that I was braver so that I'd dare ride the roller coasters. Maybe next time lah yah! Thank you girlfriends for the amazing day!

And now, only one thing left to not look forward to.
Good luck to all O Level candidates! 

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