Saturday, 21 January 2012

CNY celebration and other things.

Hello all! Today's celebration? Ah gawd the place was completely dead! I think it's because the students have been warned to behave or something. Wtf, it's a celebration for goodness sake! Anyways, when I got there, I was greeted by arrogant faces - not students of course. And dear teachers, if you've been strict your whole life, never expect your students to be able to get along with you, even after they've graduated. Seriously, your jokes are not funny. Wahahahaha! Anyways, I miss the Zhenghua vibe. The best concert was when I was in Sec 1/Sec 2. The seniors were really hyper then and they were funny videos etc etc. I miss all those. I never even got the chance to greet my teachers. Oh well, at least the canteen food is nice! 

Didn't take much photos. Just a few with a couple of last year's 4E students! 

Love birds!

Ehhh look whose at the back! *eyebrows* 

Yay Eagles! 

Aww the twinnies! 

I was lazy to play dress up okay!

Headed to KFC. Had a small lunch cus I was going to my cousin's place later. 

Hakim was there too. 

Anyways, I played with Naira for like hours! It was really fun disturbing her and all. Afterwards to visit nenek and then snapped photos of Abg Erman's wedding the other day. I like how my hair looks heh!

Went causeway and had Java Chips. So this is what it looks like without whip cream. 

And guess what! I finally had my period! It's been so long since I had my period! Finally I'm normal, yay! I think it's because of the supplements I've been taking. 

So yes, that's it. I'm feeling very lazy now. I won't be blogging for awhile. 

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