Thursday, 19 January 2012

Shopping with Mommy!

Hello readers! 

As most of you have seen from Facebook, I went shopping with Mama today! We've been wanting to go shopping since forever but I've been busy with work + taking care-ish of nenek and Mama's been busy with making pineapple tarts + work + taking care of nenek. So for just today, we decided to leave that all aside and spend some quality time together. It was now or never and I really miss hanging ou with her and not argue so yeah. 

We dropped off at Far East and had lunch at this really small food stall. It's really tasty. The Ayam Masak Lemak isn't spicy at all! Just the way I like it <3 

Went around the mall and I bought two pairs of earrings! There's a picture of it later ^^

Next to Ngee Ann City!

Waited for Mum while she tries on some shoes. Yawn. 

And oh! She bought a Braun Buffel bag! It's worth my one month salary! Plus she's not planning on telling Daddy about it. Typical. 

Next we went to Wheelock Place to get my Crumpler bag! She promised to buy me that if I did reasonable well for Os and since I did . . . eheheheh! 

There wasn't much designs and colours but I liked it anyways. Plus a few of my classmates used the same bag for years! So that 200 dollar bag shall last me for three years, I hope.

After which we went to Mac Cafe to 'lepak' Ahahaha! 

I had the Chocolate Macaroon ice blend thing while mum had Caramel something something and we both shared a slice of cheesecake. Yummeh! 

Went home and then took pictures with the stuff we bought! 

Taadaa! Ah yes, we bought leggings. But since I couldn't fit into mine, I gave it to her. But it's okay! 

Mum bought Bobby Brown cosmetics too. Yeah, she likes Bobby brown and I like Body Shop. Ahah! 

And there are a lot of compartments in my bag. 

So yes, that's all folks! I'm a very happy girl today. Just a few more stationery and notebooks from Smigle AND new clothes and I'm all set for school! 

And I'm gonna buy those high cut shoes I saw at Far East Plaza and after that a pair of  shoes from Dr Martens. They're surprisingly really light and according to my boss, comfy. So yes Immah buy that! 


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