Wednesday, 25 January 2012

CNY Getaway!

Hello all! I hope all of you had a wonderful Chinese New Year. And tonight, I bet that most of you are doing your last minute assignments. Am I right or am I right? *eyebrows* 

Anyways, my cousin in Melacca was getting engaged on Monday so we decided to pay her a visit. But then my family decided to go to Johor on Saturday because we missed staying in hotels and stuff. Ahah, lulz. So we woke up bright and early, got dressed and headed out. We were stuck in a one and a half hour long jam when we reached Malaysia. I better not go on or I'll start war. 

We were starving so we dropped by Senai Airport for lunch at Lavender's Bistro. 

Had Teriyaki Salmon and Rice. It's really not that bad! 

Afterwards we had Famous Amos.

Had to have the Double Chocolate. 

And then had Double Chocolate Ice Blended from Coffee Bean. WE WERE HUNGRY OKAY. 

 The hotel! Le Grandeur! 
We managed to use Daddy's friend's membership and we got a cheaper rate. Awwh!

The foyer! Really nice right? 

Went into the room and yes, we ate some more! Chicken pie and Blueberry Scone. Yummy! 

The room's pretty small for the four of us. but i had my own bed! Yes ah! 

The view from the balcony <3 <3 <3 

Tied my hair in pigtails that night and got wavy hair the next day! 

tied it again because I want more wavy hairr! 

Went to Johor Premium Outlet for shopping! 

Had Double chocolate Ice Blended, again. 

It was a three hour ride to Melacca and I slept almost all the way. 

Reached there and here's the picture of the gifts to the groom. To pinky? 

And that night, the living room became a playground! there were kids everywhere! They were doing stunts and climbing up furniture and playing pillow fights. Ah my gawd. 

Baby Arham! So cute when he laughs! 

People there are such early risers. The next day (Sunday), the relatives came at 7am. Can you believe it? I quickly showered and got dressed. Kak Hanim and her family came shortly and Dad, Yani, Kak Hanim and I headed out since we weren't much help there anyways. 

As usual, went to Jusco and had B&R ;) 

And Tako too! 

Reached back around twelve to see Nadiah and her family conquering the living room, fast asleep. 

Ate some more! These are the yummiest cheese tarts ever!

Mango pudding. Nyum nyum!

Kak Hanim with Ain (7 years) and Syuhadah (10 years). 

Me with them and Sha, whose ten years old too! And yes, Syuhadah and Sha are my first niece and nephew. They grow up so fast! 

So kecoh! 

I'm loving how Kak Lin looked on that day. Simple and elegant! 

Nadiah did my hair. Me likey! 

And when I got home that evening, look what happened to my hair! 

Haha, for those who watched the Kumar's video, you'll understand ;) 

There are more photos of my weekend but they're all in my camera and I can't find my USB :( So I'llupload it the next time. 

And yesterday was Mommy's birthday! 

Just had Sakura for brunch at Clementi and went home. I didn't take many photos because I was still exhausted from the trip. 

Happy birthday Mommy! I love you and I'll always will. 

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