Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Mommy!

Hello all! 

Mom's birthday was on the 24th but pretty much the rest of the family were really busy. So like what I mentioned in the previous post, we went for brunch at Sakura and ate with all our hearts! 

Today I went to Grandma's place bright an early like around 9:15 am or so. Accompanied her and bibik to exercise near the estate. Turns out that the exercise corners are really useful ^^ Really annoyed that some residents uses the railings - monkey bars etc - and stuff to dry their laundry. How inconsiderate. At that moment I felt like taking a photo of it and sending it to stomp! But it was none of my beeswax so yeah. 

We went back around 10am and I was really lethargic. Hahahaha! Maybe because of my low blood sugar level, I never had breakfast okay. Sat down most of the time instead of joining nenek and bibik because I felt like fainting! Hahaha drama. Anyways we went back, finally had some food, watched Thor and took a long nap. My cousins were all in school so it was just me. I went out with Sophia around two when she had to go to tuition while I headed to IMM to buy a birthday cake for Mommy. Contemplating if I should buy the ice cream yogurt cake or a regular cake from Secret Recipe. I figured that maybe I should purchase it from SR since we had ice cream yogurt cake during dad's birthday last year. Bought a mini version of Chocolate Indulgence. Come to think of it, we have that every freaking year! 

I was incredibly lazy to wait for the shuttle bus and take the train(s) so I took a cab to Lot One to buy presents to go with the cake. I felt like a bimbo in the cab when the driver asked me 'which way?' and I said 'any way. The fastest way possible' It's a friggin stupid answer, I know! But I don't really know the name of the expressways or wtv. Hahaha doinks! But the ride did cost less than ten bucks. So it was okay. 

So a few hours ago we celebrated Mum's belated birthday. Yay! Photos are horrible, I apologize. 

Dad dancing to the birthday song and mum with the 'give me a break' look. Hahaha! 

Dad wanted to annoy Mum by blowing out the candles before she did. 
Haha fail!

It's really nice right?! they'll decorate it for you on the spot so you don't need to call earlier or anything. But they may run out of your favourite flavours so it'll be just your luck eheh! 

Prezzies from Smiggle. 

And that's the end!
Goodnight all!

PS: The new skin's pretty bold right?! Okay maybe not bold. But me likey! 

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