Saturday, 14 January 2012

Thirty Things I'd Like My Future Husband To Be Like

Screw what you're thinking, I'm bored! Ahahaha! 
I'll explain why I did this at the end of the post :B

  1. Has good morale - doesn't smoke/drink alcohol and isn't abusive. 
  2. Has his future planned and has a secure job
  3. Who let's me spend his money - EHEEEHEE.
  4. Who looks presentable all the time.
  5. Speaks English well.
  6. Who can cook - because I can't eheh!
  7. Loves children. 
  8. A virgin, duh. 
  9. Who makes big bucks! - Before you start judging, there's a story behind this. 
  10. Is not a couch potato. 
  11. Baths/showers
  12. Buys me Body Shop cosmetics for my Birthday
  13. Can drive a car.
  14. Has a degree - I used to fantasize about wanting to marry a doctor (or someone highly educated) but mom said not to marry someone who knows more about vagina then you do. I think I know why homg! Totally out of the topic, lulz. Moving on. 
  15.  Has been straight all his life. 
  16. Awesome family support. 
  17. Who doesn't shave their legs. - Surprisingly there are men who shave their legs. Can you believe it? Cmmon lah, men are supposed to be hairy! Nothing to be ashamed off :) 
  18. Photogenic 
  19. Appreciates the Western culture, yeehaw! 
  20. Likes to travel.
  21. Funny and not lame - because I'm lame and yknow what they say, opposites attract! 
  22. Doesn't like karaoke. 
  23. Gets along with my homies. 
  24. Do well with sports. 
  25. Charitable. 
  26. Who can lift one eyebrow - because I can't but it looks so cool! 
  27. Likes board games! 
  28. Appreciates the arts. 
  29. Can speak in a Filipino/Indonesian/French accent - they're hot. 
  30. Like's checkers! - I meant the pattern not the game -.-
Kkkkkkkkk why I'm doing this you may ask? Firstly because I'm bored and second because Luan told me to do so! Ahah! He mentioned in one of his videos to fantasize about your Prince Charming etc etc as it'll make you feel better or smth. To be honest, it does! And it's just for fun okay, just in case yall think I'm arrogant/judgmental. I doubt that this guy exists anyways, awwwh! 

This post is so contradicting my 'About Me'. Yes, I changed it. Have a read! 


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