Friday, 27 January 2012

Yaw, whats with the drama?

Hello readers. And students, TGIF right? ;) 

I'll just cut to the chase. I've been seeing a lot of negative statuses/comments on Facebook/Twitter and it's starting to annoy me because that's all they ever talk about! Those posts would usually be the 'this is for you but I shan't mention your name here' sort of post. Perhaps it's fine to post such things once in a while but to do it every freaking second? Amazing how a person can make a big deal out of a small situation. 

I know what you're thinking. If I don't like what that person is posting, I can just unfriend/unfollow them. But ahah honestly if the whole world's like that, that fellow would have zero friends. After all, who would want a friend like that right? And well, can I say the same that if you hate this post (already), you can stop reading it? You might also be thinking that if I've got a problem with what people post, why don't I just 'confront' them? Well, assuming that you're the person I'm blogging about, why don't you confront that person you're referring to on your status? And well, I have just as much say as you do on my blog. Calling me a coward is just like calling the kettle black. 

Maybe you might want to say something nice for a change and show people that there is a bit of positivity in you. Stop being so cold. Normal people don't like people who are cold hearted. Eg they don't like hugs and prefer to be alone then to be consoled when feeling down. Can you believe that? What kind of specie doesn't like huuuuugs?! 

So to end of this post, here's a video by soundly awake. For those who visited from my FB would probably think that I'm really posting about the things girls say to gay guys. Well, I don't have a gay friend but I'm pretty certain that I'd talk to him that way if I did. Lulz.

Okay maybe not about the boob part! Ewww. 


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