Wednesday, 18 January 2012

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So yes, finally a proper blog post. It's been a long week - it' feels long because my body is aching all over and I've been working till today. Yes, only three days and I feel as if I've been working forever. I feel like it's a bad sign. I'm barely eighteen and my body hurts while doing the slightest things. I mean yes, work is definitely tiring and not to mention that everyday is really unpredictable - I mean when realy really really good/bad things happen, it'll affect the rest of your day - I just thought that I'd be used to it by now. Ahahs, more on that later! 

Here's another photo post which basically summarizes my week. We went to an Indian restaurant on Sunday together with Nyai. It's been a long time since we had (modernized) Indian food. So we just decided to go there! :) 

Look whose tired from work. And check out my sister's face! Lulz. 

Nyai (my paternal grandmama) and I. 

Had fish head curry! Nyuuuum! 

I had been craving for lassi since forever so I ordered the Strawberry flavoured one while Yani ordered mango. Mine tastes horrible! So disappointing :( 

As for the meal, I had mutton briyani! 

Yes, the portion is huge. 

But i finished it anyway! In my defense, I never had lunch so I was starving. 

Apparently Mom knew how badly I wanted lassi so she ordered the mango flavoured on for meeee! Awwhs. 

I don't really know what this is but I was told that it's too 'wash' your mouth. Dad made it seem like it tasted so disgusting. I only had one small piece and it feels like chewing on a bar of soap. It's far from minty. It just tasted like chlorine! Wahahahaha! 

Next topic, Johor Food!

So my family loves going Johor on Fridays because Yani finishes school early and Dad won't be working during the weekend. So we ate at an open space and it felt really calming. Ah, I just love the evening breeze!


Went to the mall to walk around and we had Auntie Anne's and Baskin & Robin! 

Tried something else which isn't chocolate related. It's really nice okay! Strawberry yogurt + Rasberry = <3

Lastly, work. 

I bought the container at Daiso so that it'll be easier to organize my hair accesories. Eheh! 

After work on Monday, we decided to share money and buy Garrett Popcorns! I've tasted Caramel once and it was awesome so we decided to try Cheese instead. 

Heehee brought my RP shoe bag along. Toldya it'll come in handy! :D

Unfortunately, it didn't taste nice. Awwww :(

The next day, we wanted to surprise Sabila at her workplace but it turned out she wasn't working on that day. -.-

AND I bought Garrett's Popcorn, again. I wasn't satisfied with the previous ones okay! So I bought Caramel and we sat down near Somerset for awhile. 

Khai said I look minah here. Fyi, I didn't shave my brows. I just went for threading, again. Turns out that it hurts lesser after the first time. 

Went to visit Nenek afterwards. I was really tired then. 

And gave the rest of my popcorn to Sophia. It was a huge bag and I couldn't finish it okay! 

Today, I just got to know that I had to settle some errands in the morning so I can't work tomorrow. So it means that today's my last day. Fret not, I'll be back! 

Don't mind my face in these photos. I look like the epitome of fugly. And yes, I see my shiny forehead. It's the most outstanding feature on me. Bahahahah!

Ah, my favourite girls. And hey, look whose the captain! 

Ah, someone set up the station all by herself. Awwh, I'm so proud! :') Lulz. 

Hahaha Hairul spoiler lahh. 

Khai rented a locker. 10 friggin bucks for a pathetic locker. But all our bags can fit in it so yeah. 

Wanted to upload this on Facebook but I was too embarrassed. 

Weirdly my feet don't smell when I change my shoes at the locker area. 

Yes, these cars are forever here. 

Took the more classy lift. Ehem. 

And then camwhored! 

Left my headphones at Sophia's place so I borrowed Dad's A Jays earpiece. 

And since it was my 'last' day, I treated myself with an Oreo McFlurry!

And now my wallet's empty. Like literally. Okay maybe except for cards and coins. 

Work has been really awesome. As usual it has it's ups and downs but I got used to it. I try to get along with the people I work with as often as possible. Thank goodness there wasn't any drama. I already miss the wacky aunties there. It's like they aren't afraid of getting scolded while I on the other hand is always so kanchiong (however you may spell it) and kiasu and they would always tease me for that. I think it's in the genes, I overreact a lot. Plus there's gonna be a new manager and he seems pretty nice. But I think I'll be coming back before school starts - for the sake of Cherry <3 She's the best! And so is Ivy! *spams hearts* 

Homg I can't wait for this weekend! or this Friday! CNY concert and then to play with Naira and Nazrul! I'm super excited now.  

Okeh I'm dead beat right now. Goodnight! 

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