Sunday, 29 January 2012

kids = luv

Hey all! So there was a gathering at nenek's house yesterday and practically everyone was there. We just ate and watched The Little Rascals! The show never gets old and honestly if you haven't watched it, your childhood isn't complete yet! For those who did watch it, here's a video of how much they've grown - x While at it you can explore the related videos too! 

Back to the point, there were a gazillion and one kids yesterday but I only managed to take photos of Adam & Naira ;) 

So here's Adam whose getting brighter every time I see him. 

And here's Naira! Seriously lah no matter how much you hate kids, you've got to love her! 

Oh! She took her first steps on her own yesterday! It was really cute!

And I don't know why but one thing my nieces and nephews have in common is that they've got big eyes and long eye lashes. No fair! 

Alrighty then my next post shall be a food post so stay tuned! 

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