Saturday, 28 January 2012

Youtube's finest - the local way ^^

I know it's probably too early to blog but there's honestly nothing to do in this house - except for chores. The only reason why I'm still awake is because sissy's having her tuition at 11am and it'll be inappropriate for me to still be asleep. I'd rather be watching TV also but they're using the living room. So it's just you and me, old and boring computer! 

So today, I'd like to introduce to you three amazing local youtubers. Apart from amazing talent, they're amazing friends as well. Ah well, I'm not close to them but I bet they are eheh! 

First off, Yana! 

If you go to the same school as I did, you'll obviously know her. Dancer and a singer. An awesome combo don't you think? So here's Yana's cover of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri! 


Visit her youtube page here - x
Visit her facebook here - x 

Secondly, Farisah! 

We used to be neighbours back then when I was living in Tampines. We practically spend every afternoon at the playground, go to each other's houses and exchange stickers and sometimes we'll go swimming. basically, we grew up together. We haven't met much ever since I moved but I miss everything!  

Here's Farisha's cover of Move Along by The All American Rejects

Visit her youtube page here - x
Visit her facebook here - x

Last but not least, the ever popular 
*wait for it* 

Rey Rahmad! His name is really Remy tho :P 

I met him during my school's open house a few years back. Long story short, he makes amazing covers and take requests too! He did a request for me on New Year. On top of that, I received a personal New Year video by Angelo Munji too! Best New Year ever! 

So my first request was The Man Who Can't Be Moved and here it is! 

And one of his most liked video on facebook,

Visit his youtube page here - x
Visit his facebook page here - x 

So yes that's all from me today. I'll be out later to visit nenek. Mum's cooking Mee Soto! Me likey! Thank you too Farisah and Rey for letting me post photos of you. Didn't tell Yana about it cus she wasn't online but I hope you don't mind, Yana <3! 

I think I shall play Sims now. Have a great weekend ahead everyone! 

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