Tuesday, 31 January 2012

More of the triplets!

First off, my new hair cut! 

Not much difference, I know. I wanted the poof on my hair but idk.

So yesterday the usuals and I went to Far East. Met up with Nazirah first and we ate at this Thai restaurant. I was friggin broke. But I needed food! 

I had the crispy noodle.

While Naz had Tom Yum. 

And nothing's complete without a side dish of wanton! 

Khairiyah came soon after and we went to Bugis because someone hasn't been going shopping for a while ;)  And despite being broke, I couldn't leave the house without bringing home anything for myself. So I bought some earrings! 

Next to Illuma. 

Immah little teapot short and stout! 

 And today, they came over my house to watch a movie. 

Obviously we didn't eat everything. 

Redcurrent puffs from Marks & Spencer :) 

Yani asking help from Khairiyah. For the record, she asked me first and I thought my answer was right but  it didn't match the answer in the book. And then Khai declared the answers given were wrong and she (her answer was the same as mine!) was right. 

Hee hee! 
Still not a heavy k-pop fan. Shall remain loyal to Yoseob ;) 

Tomorrow's gonna be a friggin boring day. Moe might be giving me an answer tomorrow. I don't mind if it isn't approved. I might be applying at Giordano at plaza/lot one. 

Off to Sims now! Bye! 

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