Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Subway! New Nails! New Hair Clip!

Hey there! 
Oh my god oh my god I had Subway today - at Johor eheh! Yes, the first store just opened at Sutera Mall. My family would always have to wait for holidays and such to eat at food outlets or restaurants which isn't certified halal in Singapore. Come to think of it, Singapore is no food paradise - to me at least. 

You'll prolly think I'm so jakon here but I was so excited when I found out that we got to eat at Subway! 

My sandwich in the making. i had the Teriyaki Chicken. tho I can hardly taste the chicken at all! Sooo many veggies! 

Had the meal and we could choose chips or cookies and I choose the cookies! 

Obviously had the 6 inch sandwich. 

The cookies are friggin moist! No one makes this kind of cookies anymore.

Also had a fruit tart on the way home. 

Look at the cream! So thick but so light! 


I bought purple nail polish! 

I'm awful at applying nail polish! 

Also bought a hair clip. A nice one. Costs RM 5.90. Friggin expensive but soooo naicee! Dad choosed it for me. Didn't know he had style. Hahaha! 

I've been wanting the poof and taadaa! 

Okay that's all. 
Bye all! 

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