Thursday, 5 January 2012

Three lil piggies go to town.

Hello there! I waited for like an hour for the photos to upload last night and I slept like around two plus. I just came home from the hospital to visit my cousin who just gave birth :) But before that I went to Republic And Nanyang Poly's Open House. It was really cool. I hope that I won't be too exhausted to go to Ngee Ann and Singapore Poly this Saturday. I doubt that I'll go anyways. 

So yesterday was by far the best day of 2012 and it honestly couldn't get any better. Well, actually it can if we didn't have curfews. I've never fancied going out in a big group unless it's Hari Raya so yesterday it was just me and my best girls :D We went to Far East first and we saw the most beautiful blazer ever which obviously didn't come in sizes :( Ah, how ironic it is that wtv Nazirah and I can't wear, Khairiyah can. Not fair being the medium one in the group! :P 

Again, took these photos with my phone and edited it a lil bit.

Went to this really cute coffee shop near Bugis afterwards for lunch. It's where Alim always bring me/us :D

Bugis Street after that!

And the fun starts at Marina! I didn't edit much here. Just made it brighter. 

I'll forever love the scenery. And it was soooo windy! Me likey!  

I was honestly scared here. HAHA. Omg our faces are so epic!

I'm trying to imitate how Khai looks in one of our photos :P 

And as usual, had a lot of laughs! But hey, I lasted a day without insulting Khai okay! 

Oh! And I bought this at Bugis Street. My friends helped me chose the colour and yeah, I really like it. Immah wear it tomorrow! 

Khai bought one for herself too!


Hair flippin! EPIC FAIL. 


Thinking of making this my profile picture. But Khai's butt spoiler ah! Ahahaha!

Walked around some more. By the way it was the twin's first time to Marina Bay Sands. I feel so honoured to be the one to bring them there, awwh! 

And then we went back out cus there was really nothing to our liking. Except Gong Cha of course! 

Profile pic? Hmmmm!

Ah the macro is so cool! Especially Daisy! 

They have a building just for LV. Can you believe it like ah ma gawdd!

Used the 'touch focus' here. Really cool!

Can you guess what it is? It's the moooooon! LOL. 

Ah the stupid buildings blocked the sunset. Still looks beautiful tho :) 

Seeing things from a different point of view. If you don't get it, you're slow!

LOL, random things in mah bag! 

Eeeee so naice! 

Omg, I'm with stoopid <---
Kidding Khai!

And then out of no where there was music and the water show thing started! I almost fainted! 


More bubbles!

Then camwhored on the way to the bus stop. 

Coolest effin thing eva.

Woooo not bad eh? HAHA! 

I'm sure you can tell that I've got no motivation to blog at all. I'm just so exhausted! It's been a super long day for me. Well, I'm not going to blog about today but I kind of enjoy Nanyang Poly's Open House more. Maybe because I got to converse with a Nursing student and all. It was really great.

Whenever I told my friends that I'm putting Nursing as my first course they thought that it's uncool etc etc. But hey, you get paid very well okay! And whut, I love Nursing. Aside from the blood and all, I think that nurses will very often find themselves interacting with both the patients and their families and it's not all about curing a patient whatsoever. It's more than that. Besides there are sick people everywhere so you're bound to be hired ;) Besides I love working close to all sorts of people. Although I do have a slight problem with really stubborn patients (like nenek omg she can be so stubborn that it makes me not want to grow old so that I won't be like her when I'm sick!) But I think I'll be fine :D

Yes, I love medicine also I do intend to make Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science my second and third choice and I've been hoping that there'll be a course which involves both medicine and patient care - more like being a doctor - but unfortunately, nah. It's okay really. Afterall, one can never always have the best of both worlds :)


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