Friday, 3 February 2012

Blogged, yay.

No pictures of my life today. Awwh! But sit back, relax and enjoy my 'rant'.

First of, Naomi Neo. I honestly don't know what's the deal with people hating her. But maybe she did something and pretends to be innocent, I don't know. Ah, regardless, why should I even hate someone I don't know? By the way, I have heard of her way before the drama and I just see her as an amazing and inspiring blogger. What I like most about her is her perfect vocabulary. I was in awe when I read her posts - just as great as reading a novel! And she's really an inspiration. I can relate to some of the things she blogs about and somehow rather, it makes me realize that i'm not alone. Awwh! Click here for her blog :)

Second, my day! Yay! Oh, yesterday first okay okay okay! 

I was supposed to visit nenek at my aunt's place at 9am but you know what time I ended up waking up? Yes, 9am -.-' After getting ready and all, I went there to see that nenek was pretty unconscious. I thought that she was being cranky but it turns out that she couldn't wake up. All of us - my aunt, uncle and maid - were worried sick. And then the rest had errands to run and so I had to sit beside nenek to wait till she wakes up. For that half hour I was shaking her hand and calling her asking her to wake up. She was moving but somehow she couldn't open her eyes or talk. I could here whizzing sounds but the rest said that she was snoring (initially they all thought that she was sleeping) but I knew she wanted to say something or maybe there's just phlegm stuck in her throat and I did tell them what I thought but yknow, no matter how old you are, as long as you're the youngest there, they won't listen to you. So I was like okay wtv.  Mommy arrived shortly and so did the doctor. It turned out that her sugar level was super low and he had to inject glucose. I knew nenek felt a twitch because of her facial expression. And after three and a half syringes, she was able to open her eyes. Yaaaaay! She got admitted after that but I went home way before the ambulance arrive and let me just say that 963 is so friggin rare! Anyways, I went home to rest and around 3pm or so, I went out again to meet with this blogshop owner - shall do a review on it when I got what I purchased ;) And afterwards like around 4pm, I took a train to KTPH where nenek was admitted, again. 

So yes that was yesterday. Pretty adventurous right? But I still hate taking public transportation. I don't mind the fares nor do I mind not having a seat (well, maybe a lil bit but no biggie). It's just that some people can be really impatient. People, you know the yellow/red lines on LRT/MRT platforms? Yeah, you're supposed to stand behind them and wait for passengers to alight before entering the train and not stand directly in front of the door. Dumbo. Also, you're not supposed to push people when you're entering. Bloodyhell. These people really drive me nuts! For heaven's sake, please be more civilised.  

Anyways, I don't really mind travelling alone. It makes me feel independent. *ehem* Hey, I didn't say I like travelling alone okay. Just saying that I don't mind. I really wish that my parents would allow my sister to familiarize herself with the places and things around her. She's even not confident to go to the toilet alone when we're in public places or order her own food. Mapa (HAHA, I used to call my parents that. Short form of mama and papa.), do something, pronto. 

Today was the same. I woke up pretty early. Bathed, cleaned, had breakfast and went to visit nenek, alone again. Reached the hospital at 12pm sharp and stayed with her all the way till 8 plus. It was pretty tiring but really, I'd rather be there than home. She got a bit forgetful along the way and not to mention cranky because she couldn't sleep due to the noisy surroundings. She also mistaken a  few members of staff with a few people she met a long time ago and she thought she was in a relative's (kampung) house. It was really hard to convince her that we were in the hospital and i would acually go along with the story if I knew who she was talking about. A few hours later, Mom and my uncle arrived. Followed by Dad, my cousin and his girlfriend, Kak Hasanah with her family and my aunt and I was like phew! Had dinner afterwards and went home. So yes, pretty long day aye? 

And most of you have already known the 'I see boys' statuses on my Facebook.  

So sad man more people like the second post more on the third post. Girls, come on man. Show me your love! Hahahaha! Oh, and Daddy was the one who said so (the second post) We were discussing about how some boys wanting to date a religious girl. Really boys? I don't think a religious person would ever want to date anyone in the first place. Ahahahahahaha!

Lastly, a few people have been asking me where I got my fonts for this banner thing from. 

I forgot! Heehee! 
I can't remember the name but I found it on Google under 'handwritten' fonts. You'll find a few similar ones too so it doesn't really matter if it was exact. But if you die die want the exact same one it's actually just on the first page. Really easy to find cause it's popular ;) 

But anyways, 

anyone who knows the font of this sentence please tell me! I can't find it anywhere!

Okay so I'm ending my post with another thing I'd like to add on my bucket list ;) 

Cinderella can? The one she wore when she got married? With extra glitters and sparkles! 

Goodnight all! 

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