Shopping with familia!

Sunday, 5 February 2012
Finally went shopping with the whole family! I'm so happy today! 

A very brief post this one is. 
Paragon > Far East > Taka 

Had macaroons! Sweet as shit!

Forever 21 at Orchard ION. 

Really like this dress but sissy looked so much better in it. So she bought it instead. But I bought another top too! So gonna go there with Syaz ;) 

That awkward moment when a seven year old is prettier than you. HAHA. 

Trying on Converse shoes! 

And thennnnnnnnnnn

I used to think that the fact that men would actually go out in public, half naked and take pictures with others is obscene but I don't know why I'd give an exception to this guy. And he friggin looks like Hirzi! 

Oh, and here are the shoes that Yani & I bought! 

Guess which colour mine is ^^ 

Okay bye! 

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