Thursday, 16 February 2012


Hello my dear readers! 

First of, a very big Congratulations to Adele - one of ze greatest singers alive - for bringing home six Grammys! It is a lot for someone whose new to the music industry I'm really impressed! 

So on Valentine's Day, Dave, benny and I watched Chronicle at Great World City. For the record, it was my first NC16 movie *winks* 

The movie was filmed like how Paranormal Activity was. But fortunately it isn't a horror movie. The movie really took me by surprise. It was more interesting than what I thought it would be. 

So basically this movie is about three friends - technically two cousins and a friend - who found something really alien and since then got the ability to control things - except the human mind tho. In the end, one of them over used his power and turned psycho. But well, with a father like that and how badly his peers had treated him, I understand eheh! But still.. 

Here's the trailer! 

This movie was worth my eight bucks, really. I'm so glad that I watched it. I've been wanting to watch a movie in like forever! 

Ah, just on time. My photos finished uploading! Stay tunned to another post coming shortly! :) 

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