Thursday, 9 February 2012

Forwardly straight!

Hello hey hi. 
I know, long time no blog right? Well that's because I've got no job and no school and well, to the O Level students who thinks we're lucky to not have school, ahah! Let's just say that there are pros and cons to staying in school and staying at home. The cons of not having school? One obvious reason is that almost every friendship circle I know is breaking apart and the reasons might be because: They'll make new friends in JC/Poly/ITE so loosing friends now may not make a difference, busy with their jobs and they just got bored of each other. Well, I don't really know what to say about this but I am experiencing all of the above - maybe except the first one because I'm feeling so nervous about making new friends!  But this much I can say, you can never replace the friends you meet in secondary school. Ever.

Oh! I just realized that I'm not answering the question! Ahah, okay so yes, no school/job so everyday's the same old thing and as I said so on twitter, my friends are asking me to go out with them less and less. Le sigh :( But it's okay tho, really really. They're prolly busy going for interviews and stuff and I'm sometimes busy taking care of nenek anyways. But I'll usually get to see them at least once every one or two weeks -which is better than nothing compared to some people who doesn't have friends at all. To all my juniors, I can assure you, no matter how geeky or nerdy you are, you'll have friends. Confirm confirm double confirm! Well, unless you're an ass and no one likes you but still, highly unlikely. But still *winks* 

Speaking of assholes, today's random topic will be straight forward - ness

I think I've blogged about this a gazillion and one times but my friends and I were discussing about this topic and I just thought that it would be a good topic to blog about. 

I personally don't think I'm straightforward and well, it doesn't make me fake does it? I'm just afraid that when I say something, it'll hurt that person's feelings - I tend to do it a lot, unintentionally of course. Sometimes it does makes me dishonest but at least I'm nice, I think? No? 

But of course if someone asks me for they're opinion on something they're wearing or how they react to certain weird occasions, I'd tell the truth. I actually never came across someone who wears bizarre clothes and asks me how do they look but if I do, I'll be like 'Yes it's okay. It looks better on you.' That was what my Dad taught me. And well, if I don't like someone, I'll usually shush about it (or talk behind their back, that's what everyone does right?) instead of telling them that I don't like them. I mean no matter how despicable/mean/heartless/bitchy a person may be, they're still human and well no one's perfect. 

So I do have a number of straightforward friends and usually, I'll try to stay away from them. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Since they're straightforward, they tend to say whatever it is they want to say without thinking if it might hurt someone's feelings. And me, as a typical sensitive teenage girl, I stay away from such people to prevent getting offended. 
  2. It's really hard to talk to them without starting a fight/argument. I mean they are really friggin opinionated (not arrogant) and they feel like they're right all the time.
By all means, be who you want to be. An ass or a friend - both can be straight forward by the way. I don't really mind being around this kind of people - I just choose not to. But if I am stuck with a straightforward douche I won't be mean, just uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable. Just because you're straight forward, it doesn't give you any reason to be a complete ass and say whatever you you want to say. You're not only straightforward, but also heartless. 

Yes, no one's perfect and everyone has they're flaws. But each person can choose to be a better person - still imperfect but better than before. And for this particular group of people, you can start by being a little bit sensitive about other people's thoughts - control your words. I know some of you are really into this 'I'm not changing for anyone' motto but that rule does not apply to everything/everyone. So if people start running around the streets naked should the rest of us just accept that? No right? Unfortunately sweetheart, you can't expect the society to change for us all the time. Disappointing but that's life. 

So again, I shall end this post with an apology if it ever offended anyone (see being nice here! :P) Oh and yes, there's a difference between being nice like this and being sarcastic. But you know, if you're straightforward, you should be open minded right?

Good night one and all! 

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