Friday, 17 February 2012

Swimming with Triplets > Town with Syazana > Valentine's Day.

Hey yawl! 

So I think it's about time I post something about my life right? Well, here it is! 

I went swimming with the triplets a few weekends back and I had a fairly good time! Naz attempted to roll underwater but failed and as for Khai, instead of rolling, she spinned -.-" Funniest things ever! 

And I know most of you are prolly looking forward to nazy's swim suit - tho I think you've already seen it - but she threatened me not to post it anywhere! Like really she said she'll murder me! So in exchange, I deleted a few photos I looked goofy in! Really really goofy, I feel so embarrassed just uploading them. HAHA.  

See, her hair is neater than mine! Not fair! 

In the pool!

Hahaha, Khairiyah's doing yoga underwater! 

See my face! Like blerghs! 

I like how the splash looks here! 

Naz had to tiptoe! Ahahahaha!

I've got the dopiest bag eva! :P :P :P 

Went to JP for lunch. Had Korean food :) 


And on Monday, I went to town with Syazana! I had the most awesome time with her. We exchanged secrets, spilled our thoughts and I never felt so trusted in my life. I'm so glad that I went out with her :)

I can't remember where we went exactly but I think it was Forever 21 @ ION > Popeyes > Peninsula > Esplanade > Marina Bay. 

Had a long walk to Marina Bay I tell you! Lucky thing I took off my platforms! Yes, I bought platform shoes and I wanted to get used to it by walking in them but I got tired so I changed back into my boring old pump shoe. HAHA. 

HAHA she laughed! 

Check out the things I bought! Yes, these are all mine! I had to force Syaz to buy something so that I don't feel awkward!

Taa daa! Reached! i can go here a million times and not get bored, really! 

I didn't edit the next three photos okay! I just used the touch focus on my camera phone. Have never looked this good! 


Syaz trying on my shoes! HAHA. She's so damn tall! 

Went to the toilet and I camwhored on my own. Lulz. 

Then went home ;) 

Ready to see the things that I bought? 

Ba dum ts! 

  1. Minnie Mouse top from Forever 21 - $33
  2. Cotton On Singlets - $20
  3. Body Shop cosmetics - $71
  4. Bandage platform shoes from Bata - $29 
  5. Black skinny jeans from Peninsula - $25
Friggin 178 bucks! Excluding food! Wow that's a lot okay. But it's gonna last me till I get another job, pinky promise! 

 And I don't even know how to begin explaining how good these cosmetics are.

Oh! And a gentle reminder, don't forget to wash your make up brushes! 

Here's how! 


And on Valentine's morning, a guy came over to send flowers. Turned out it was from my Dad and he claimed that it was for all three of us. Yeah right. 

No harm camwhoring with them right?

So I went out with Dave & Benny on V Day, just as friends really. And I had an amazing time learned so much about fitness! But really, I was more concerned of Dee Kosh shouting SIAL UH to couples. HAHA! 

Alrighty then, tomorrow I'm gonna play with Naira till she falls asleep and then visit Nenek. She's making good progress by the way. Can sit down already! 

Phew. Bye! 

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