Saturday, 17 March 2012

Breakfast in the East :)

 Hello all! 
So today we woke up pretty early, around 8 plus. It's early to me because I usually wake up a few microseconds to ten and that is considered late in my family which is freaking weird and I don't understand how half of my friends can get away with spending half of the day sleeping but anyways! Had brunch at Changi and then walked around the beach before having desert! Yes, desert after brunch. How extremely unusual but sis and I just couldn't resist it! 

Used B&W in this photos. They don't look at all bad don't you think? But I must say it's pretty dull. Haha, duh. 


I did a blog 'advert' on it once here. According to Blogger it was my most popular post yet! Oh, and I wore that very same top too! What a coincidence!

Afterwards we went to IMM and we just had to try the new Blueberry Melts. 

Have to admit that it wasn't really very yummy :/ 

And finally, 

Yeay an iPod Touch! Had a lot of help from Syaz and Naz for this, thanks girls! And now, I just have to wait till 9 plus when it finished charging and then I can use it. What I'm most excited about is to use Instagram!

Now, I'm almost ready for school! Well, I could use more stationery and a new pencil case and maybe some new files but other than that, iPod Touch - checked! Oh, and by the way, it is mandatory for my course okkkk!