Friday, 16 March 2012

Titanic Exhibit w Syazana!

Hello all! 
So Syaz and I went to the titanic exhibit yesterday and I must say, it was really worth it. I was extremely mesmerized with the artifacts and stories I've unheard of. I really do encourage all of you to go. And with an extra five dollars you can catch the documentary :) 

Unfortunately we were banned from taking photos in the gallery. It's a shame, really. But i did managed to take a few photos of the Grand Staircase and a third class cabin. If it makes you feel better, click here for the website :) 

We went there around 4.30pm and the documentary started at 6pm so we just chilled outside after the touring. 

Oh, and what's best is that all of us were given this Boarding Pass which represents a (real) passenger from the Titanic.

At the back lists all the information of the passenger. At the near end of the tour, we checked if our passenger survived or not. Thankfully mine and Syaz's survived ^^ But unfortunately the person we went with were lost. Awwh!

My card's the one on the left. Yes, apparently my father was the owner of Saks. Awesome! If you've never heard of the brand, lets see if watching this video rings a bell!

"Your mother shops at saks."

First class bitches! *eyebrows* 
Fast: A first class ticket now costs 15 grand. Wtf. 

Oh yes, I wore platforms that day but changed to my pumps because my feet friggin hurt! 

In the theatre. 

We had Popeyes for dinner! 

And we were the first passengers in the bus. Wahahaha! 

Syaz agreed to pay the ticket for me because I'm flat broke! So thanks Syaz! Shall pay you back asap!

I sooooo can't afford to go anywhere else, for now.