Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hello Kitty Town!

Greetings Cuppycakes! 

I'd love to blabber about how long it's been since I last blogged here but meh, I think you'd rather see the photos. HAHA.

So fam and I went for a short getaway at Le Grandeur and went to Hello Kitty Town the next day! I was pretty much looking forward to it because I've heard about Hello Kitty my whole life and well, I didn't really grew up watching the shows and played with the toys etc but I always loved it! 

My Melody is damn adorable too zomg! I wanted to buy the soft toy but it was more than RM 100. Crazy right? 

Initially, we were worried that the place might be crowded. I mean, it was but we got the tickets sooner as we thought ;) 

Went to Hello Kitty House first ;) 

There are actually more photos but it was dark and the quality sucks. But the place was pretty fun. I guess it's a good place to go with the girls, mehehehe! Hmmm yeap, definitely going there again - as soon as I get a better camera! 

Ahkay goodnight everyone!