Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New Dressing Table!

Hi hi everyone!

Okay I finally decided to blog here cus the photos take a shorter time to upload than in wordpress. 

I finally bought a new dressing table (okay actually just a wardrobe and a mirror)! I've had it for weeks now and have been wanting to blog about it so tadaaa! Bought it at Ikea with my savings kay. Costs 200 dollars in total! Quite cheaper than I predicted, meh! 


Just some of the things on top.

Before I go on, the arrows in some of the photos indicate where I bought them, not what the thing is called lololololol. 

Ok ok here are some of them in detail!

Bought the sticky jar at JCube yesterday and the two candles from Ikea a while back. 

HEHE, my corner of the wardrobe! 

some people have been telling me that I smell good ;) HAHAHA! I swear, this is not a self praise! But okay just in case you're wondering, I use my deodorant + perfume every time when I go out. And yeap, no surprise that I'm using one from Body Shop right! 

My make up brushes. Yes, body shop also!

My daily facial products! 
Currently using the seaweed collection, works like a charm! 

Then there's some of my accessories *below*

I remembered having an obsession with feathers! Okay lah not many feather stuff but still..

Oh ya, my friendship bracelets! 
Haz has one (from SIM) and syaz has one (from Scape). The charm bracelet that Nad bought me for my 18th is with my mum cus one of the charms fell off and she's in the midst of fixing it back, hehe! 

Here's the inside!

The name tag was used at the place where I used to work after my Os. Can't believe that I still keet it.

My make up collection nowwww!

Then there's my lipsticks!

I think I use the one from Bobbi Brown and The Body Shop the most. Looks rather natural. 

Le shades!

Yeapz. I just looooooooooove Ray Ban! And obviously, their not original ): 
My favourite's the one from China tho! Fai bought that for me cus he knows that I've been looking for shades like that during the entire trip! How thoughtful right? 

Then there's my bracelets also!
Most from Vietnam and China too heh.

These facial masks were from early this year omg! Naddy gave me some of them to try :) 

Eye shadow palettes!

My favourite is the Naked 2 from Urban Decay :) I mostly used the colours with the arrows *below*

Nail polishers and some anti fungal ointment for my big toe.

Hair products!

HEHE, I love that all of them are in pink :) Uhm, I don't use them very often except for the hair mist which I usually bring along when I'm having attachment. Reason being is that when I untie my hair bun, it gets super frizzy! So the mist just basically helps it to look less dry. Really works!

My other perfumes :)

Okay now a comparison between my share of the wardrobe and my sister's. 



Yes, we're totally different people.

Okay, last make up for the day!

My other favourite palette :) 

I guess the downside of having this is choosing the eye shadow colour cus there's just too many! HEHE.

Alright and the last compartment is for my hats :-) 

Yeah, I hardly wear any of them out heh. 

Okay that's it then heh. Goodnight yo!