Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gotta Get Down on Friday!

Hello earthlings! 

Okay before you ask me what I'm ever gonna do with my wordpress, it'll still be there. Just that I'll usually post emo shit stuff there and here it'll be the kind of posts about my outings and stuff. 

So yesterday, I had four freaking hours of break after NSL. Practical test is in two days and I am nervous as hell cus I remembered failing for my first prac test in freshman year also ): Anyways, just hoping and expecting for the best! I don't mind any passing grade because I think I'll perform the skill better during CA. 

Alrighto moving on, just some photos from school. Was hoping that Bern would be there because I know how much she just looooves to camwhore. 

Then met up with Naz and we headed to Cineleisure. Wanted to have 18 Chefs but it was oh so crowded so we went to Pastamania instead. Wellz, I was craving for Seafood TomYam anyways. Supposed to have it satisfied with another friend but nevermind. 

Awkward ootd reflection shots with Naz cus she's so damn small. 

I was, as usual, really indecisive about where to head to next. It was already 8.30 when we finished eating. Wanted to go to Esplanade then to Plaza Sing and then we decided to just hang out at Fajar Mac. HAHA. 

A few friendship bracelets we bought! 

Of course, we gave one to Khai! :) 


We didn't stay every long. I reached home around 11 plus. Watched that nerve wrecking Glee episode and went to bed. 


yeay another friendship bracelet! 

And this was my morning face earlier today lol.

Okay goodnight everyone!