Saturday, 25 May 2013

Selcas with the grads.

Hey everyone! 

So NS4 lecture was cancelled on Thursday because of HS Grad Day so Nad, Hasinah and I decided to come to school earlier to drop by after the ceremony to meet some of le seniors. Was finally able to meet them after like eight months! 

Anyways, I met a lot a lot of familiar faces but didn't manage to take photos with all of them so this is all I have. 

With Alena!

Pearl :) 


Hong Yuan! Yeapz we were both really ecstatic to see her cus we didn't really expect to bump into her that day *jumps*

Then there's Rafiq.

And lastly, there's Namirah! 

Hm yeapz that's pretty much it! Have a great weekend guise! xx