Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mid Week!

Hello everyone! 

It's the last week of school and errr my gawd I honestly can't explain how excited I am for the holidays! Of course, I still have another week to go - which is the common test week - and after that it's hello term break! 

A lot has been going on in school lately. No doubt that it has really been one hectic term! We're still in the midst of debating which is harder, 2.1 or 2.2. To be honest, I don't think that 2.2 is as easy as how they said it was. Maybe it's easier than 2.1 but meh, we still have to take an extra paper and not to mention our presentations homgggg I feel like I'm not in nursing, serzly. 

Alrighty moving on! I brought my cam to school today in a hope that I could camwhore during the appreciation dinner for the FBC but I ended up not going because Grace and Hannah decided not to go at the last minute! Yeap, fire nation's spirit of being stubborn and rebellious is still burning. Awh! 

Anywho, I did camwhore during the day too! 

Liyana and I :) 

Yes, this was how empty our lecture was during ELAHA. 

Love this photo of some of my classmates and I.

With Aini! 

Mdm Aw and her farewell cake! Rumour has it that she's retiring but I'm not so sure. 

Jerome & Liyana!

Our OOTD. Okay lah our mirror ootd can never be compared to those from other polys. Our toilets are damn old. 

With Angie (feeding)! Get it? LOL. 

HAHA Eugene and Iris!

And as usual, we went to Hogs after that and then I camwhore with a few other ex zhenghuarians! It was so so so fun I tell you. 

Yeah, Liana was missing. Boooo!

Fithri looks so much like Hirzi here yknow!

You guys should really try the seaweed & wasabi nuts. It tastes awesome I tell you! Not many people like it tho, idky. 

That's about it then. Prolly won't be back till after my tests. Good luck everyone! :) 

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