Sunday, 18 August 2013

Raya reunion!

Hi hi everyone! 

I decided to drop by Rafiqah's open house yesterday. To be honest, I was slightly reluctant to go but then I figured that everyone's gonna be there so what tha hell right? Besides, I get invited every year and I could rarely ever make it and I always feel bad so yeah. 

Photo spam time! 

With Liana! 

1/100000 of her cats. I remember going to her house almost every week just to play with her cats. There's just something about her cats which I really love. Very unlike some others who always hides when they are guests. 

Liana and Naz!

Oh yknow, just being cheeky. 

Dumb and dumber.

Syazana's idiotic pedo face. 

For the record! We don't call her a pedo just because she's dating someone younger (by merely a few months) than her k! She really makes stupid pedo faces in photos! You'll see later!

With the gang. The photos are so blur here sia idky. 


Another group shot without Rafiqah. 

Love this shot with Yana. Dk whose idiot hand that belongs to tsk!

Another idiot hand covering my face! And aha everyone looks so squished here. 

See see! *below*

Pedo face! 
But okay lah I kinda like this photo with her. 

I feel so unloved here! :( 

HEHE there we go! 

Naz, Yana and Huda!

Yeap, we were pretty much making a lot of noise hehehehe. 

Liana and Khai (and Yana who was trying to photobomb haha). 

With Khairiyah!

With Naz!

Another dumb and dumber photo. 

Group shots! 

Three stooges. 

And then we finally got a group photo with Rafiqah! 

Was actually glad that I came. Really miss this bunch hehe. 

Okay bye! 

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