(kinda) Stay Home Sunday with Me!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hey everyone! 

So I finally did it! My first "Spend My Day with me" post! It won't be very accurate as compared to videos but I just really wanted to do this one. It was pretty hard to do this one because I was camwhoring almost throughout the day and I've been at home most of the time so yeah, naked face :( 

Moving on! 

Today, I woke up around 9 plus, without my alarm! I actually tied my hair in a side braid the night before. 

Like any other normal teenage girl, I checked my social networks to see what's up (mostly my insta and twitter) and also to check for any messages. Actually this morning was the first time in quite a long time that I don't receive any morning texts le sigh :( 

Afterwards, I showered and then did my usual facial routine and still having my braid on. I wore my secondary school's class tee today. I remembered vividly how hard it was to decide a colour as a class HAHA. 

Alright my facial products now! Unsurprisingly from The Body Shop heh! 

I'm currently using the Seaweed series and it works perfectly on my face. I used the Tea Tree range previously when my face was much oilier but now that it has improved, I changed to this one! I've been using it for over a year and I'm pretty satisfied with it :) 

So this is the clarifying toner. If you don't know, you actually have to apply this straight after washing your face. It really helps with removing excess make up and refreshing your face. Something everyone needs in the morning heh! 

And since I wouldn't be going out today (or so I thought), I just applied the day cream. I have always had a problem with my face being oily and shiny. I remembered seeing the difference on my face during the days when I used this and the days I don't. It really helps in removing excess sebum and what not, leaving your face shine-free! 

Next was breakfast! 
My parents went to Serangoon to do their usual weekly grocery shopping and bought these while at it. It's the only time I eat peas otherwise I usually hate them!

After that, I browse through my phone again. Replied any comments, answer any questions on etc etc. 

Yeap that's my stay-home face. 

Then it was quality time with Zach (aka laptop). Otherwise I would be watching TV but sissy was having tuition so the living room was out of bounds for like two hours. 

Watched American Pie: The Book of Love. 

Watched videos and listened to songs (particularly by Ed Sheeran). 

Checked my email also. I'll usually check my NP Mel to see if they've updated the modules. 

Oh ya! Speaking of which, I passed all my modules! I find that I did fairly well for someone who got an F for three modules in the first term and then jumped to a C. It's kinda a first for me so, yeay! My GPA has improved too! *pats self on the back* 

Moving on, around noon or so I decided to follow my parents to my Dad's friend's wedding. Particularly because there's nothing to eat at home LOL. It was totally last minute! And yes, this was when my stay home Sunday didn't turned out to be stay home at all, boo :( 

Anyways, I quickly ironed my baju kurung and applied some make up and went off. First time wearing make up within five minutes! 

Yeah I still had my braids on hah! 

We went home after that and then let go of my hair and tadaaaa, mermaid hair! 

I super love this hairstyle! Have been wanting it for ages!

Then I camwhored with my craftholics which I love so very deeply! 

Meet Popcorn and Peppermint! 

Bought Popcorn at Plaza Singapura and Peppermint while I was at KL. I have been wanting these since Syaz introduced me to them and I was so happy when I bought it! 

HAHAHA ok ok a proper selfie now. 

Did my chores and showered afterwards. 

Here's my post evening shower look. HAHA. 

The only reason why I wrapped my hair in my towel was because I don't like the feeling of wet hair on my bare back. Feels like my hair is stuck on it. 

Then it was my night facial routine! Wore the same toner as before and with this night treatment! It helps with purifying the skin and balancing the moisture while you sleep. Super kewl. 

And oh yes, it was shaving day today so I applied this peach scented body lotion on my calves. I honestly don't shave the part of my legs above the knee because hehe I'm just lazy like that. I also I apply them on my arms and my inner thighs cus I've got thunder thighs which always rubs against each other when I walk. So yeap, it helps with the friction! 

Tadaaa looking all fresh and awake (although it was almost night time). 

Lighted some candles I bought from Ikea and Bath & Body Works. 

Spent the rest of the night cooped up in my room with my laptop too heh. 

Oh yes and had noodles for dinner!

And 45 minutes later, I was eating again. 

Okay I usually don't eat so much junk but the truth is, my life had just been a mess lately because people have been walking in and out of my life like a lot and idk I just feel like shit. Worse than shit. Anyways not that food is the answer but it kinda helps me feel better for awhile. 

Yeap, my life is actually kinda boring when I don't go out. To summarize everything, here's what I did most of the time.












Taa daaaa!

I'm pretty much that typical teen who spends more time on her own than with anyone else at home. Not that I'm rebellious (I think I'm not) but just that my family members are pretty disconnected when we're at home. It's like we all have our own things to do. Like Mum's usually watching shows like The Closer and Cold Case or does her preparations for her next lessons on her own laptop and Dad usually plays some games or surf the net on the PC and my sister spends time watching Korean videos on her phone. So yeah we kinda only bond when we're out.

That's it then! Last week of attachment tomorrow!

Have a good week ahead! *spreads love* 

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