Saturday, 21 September 2013

Semester Three

Hi everyone! 

Yes, I am down with semester number three! Okay I know I've said it like a gazillion times but I'm more confident in saying it now because I passed all my modules! And for someone who did super badly at first, I think I kinda did pretty well. My GPA definitely went up. It isn't fantastic but it's an improvement and I'm just glad that I managed to pull it through :) So what's next would be chest tube and indwelling catheter insertions and finally, serving medications! Of course more tougher shit. I am definitely gonna miss babies etc etc but let me just tell you that I am so happy to finally be over with the modules I'm taking. Most of them are like really annoying (not to mention a waste of time) and the kind where you'll only be interested if you intend to specialize in it. Of course not forgetting the interdisciplinary module (got an A for that) and thank goodness no more having to stay in school till 9pm for a module movie (boring as shit I swear). Time is flying way too fast but at the same time I still can't remember what happened in the past like in secondary school and stuff. Like the past was actually not too long ago numerically but come to think of it, I can't recall most of the things that happened. Screw that I don't even remember what happened in freshmen year it's like I woke up from a hungover or something. 

Speaking of forgetting, I can't wait for to forget certain events that had happened recently. I've learnt to not force myself to forget them but to just let time pass on its own. I wish it could pass faster. I really do. I wanna wake up hoping to forget certain things and certain people. Like in some movies where the lead would get involved in an accident and ended up remembering everything except the person who impacted them the most. I don't know. It's like now when I look back, I don't even care about any of those fucking douche bags who broke my heart so I can't wait for that day to come when I can feel that way all over again. Oh and I might be busy with final year stuff like projects and internships so I might pretty much already be occupied ^^

Anyways, I am also done with my attachment! Four weeks of attachment is no joke I tell you. Was allocated to IMH first. The journey was torturous but as usual Dad was able to fetch me after my afternoon shift and send me there during the days I was on morning shift. It was really an eye opener for me. I began to understand what mental illness is all about and I was able to mingle with patients will all sorts of mood disorders. It's like I finally understand what OCD, bipolar and depression is all about. And fyi a lot of people seem to like self diagnosing themselves with those illnesses. Yes people, it's an illness. It's not cool to actually write in your bio that you have obsessive compulsive disorder just because you only like things organized a certain way. It's more than that. Doofus. How annoying. 

So yeah I spent like two weeks there and after that had my pediatric posting at KKH. I think my patience level increased throughout the posting and all I did was shout at those kids who were getting on my nerves. Saw a lot of cute babies also! I didn't meet a lot of nice staff there tho. Perhaps only a handful but again, it was an awesome experience overall :) My grade also improved from the previous attachment hehe yeayness!

I might probably go back to Alexandra Hospital the next time round and I really hope that they would assign me to a much more nicer ward than the previous one. Would also be nice if I had nice friends to work with :) It'll definitely make my posting much more sweeter, hehe! And to be honest, three weeks of vacation is kinda enough for me or I'll be bored to death! Will prolly hang out with Sabila a lil more, also maybe alone time at the library or at cbtl and try some baking! 

Yeah that's it. Goodnight everyone! 

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