Out & About at Marina with Sabila

Monday, 30 September 2013
Hi hi hi hi everyone! 

I apologize if I have neglected this space for too long. But hey I am back with an exciting post since forever! 

Okay so I realize that I often mention Sabila's name in my twitter and in some of my recent posts but I never really blogged about an outing with her. To be honest, both of us had been really busy even during the holidays but we finally managed to spend the whole day together at Marina! 

One of the perks of living in the same block is that not much will be affected if we're late hehehe! So we met around 2pm at the void deck and we did like a lot of catching up on our way there! 

Thank goodness we alighted at Raffles. There's just so many to see there! 

I honestly love the monuments here. I actually wouldn't mind coming here alone the next time to take more photos. 

I was actually kinda insecure throughout the whole thing like wishing my calves and thighs and arms were smaller but I tried not to let it conquer me hehehe. I swear I don't mean to be attention seeking so here's to those who intend to send me anonymous hate on my about my body: I'm already aware of how imperfect my body looks so I don't need the reminder thanks very much. 

We headed to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar @ Esplanade first! I actually starved myself at home because I already planned to have this with Sab when we get here and it ended up being the only meal for that whole day. Gosh I was starving at night! 

The first time I came here was with Kak Dilah and I loved it!! I've been wanting to bring someone else next time and we ended up eating the same food as I had before! But really everything on the menu was so so good! 

The fondue came with bananas, strawberries, brownies, marshmallows and cookies! It's like heaven in your mouth when you dip any of them in the melted chocolate. I can't even say which kind of chocolate is my favourite because they were all so yummy!

We were able to choose two kinds of chocolate: Dark, white and pure milk. I think we chose dark and white. The one in the center is caramel. The caramel tasted better the last time round tho. 

We also had beverages of course! Sab had the cookies and cream and I got the hazelnut (as usual). I'm just a sucker for hazelnut based drinks (except when at starbucks). The cups looked really cool also! 

After that we took the long way to MBS :) 

This is just half of Singapore's skyline and I can never get bored of it.

Found the spot where the lighting was perfect to camwhore! Didn't use any filters for the photos! 

Continued our way to MBS. 
If you know me well, Marina Bay is like my favourite place in Singapore. Everything is like so goddamn expensive so I most likely won't spend much except on food. The scenery is also so breathtaking. Obviously the best place to view the whole skyline would be from the floating platform but obviously being inside the skyline itself is as awesome as it is :)  

Yes and the best part about the place? *below* 

Yes, the sunset! I loooooove sunsets! I'd like my future dates to be here and we can just have like cup noodles and a bottle of strawberry tea oh gosh it would be so awesome and so cheapo but who cares!

Okay camwhoring session starts now! 

Okay so I'm actually awful at doing seductive emo poses cus that's Sab's forte HAHA. I'm just gonna go with my trademark smile and stupid faces and awkward poses mehhhh! 

Okay side track! 

This is like how my hair looks now and really tho I wished it was longer! I am actually contemplating to dye it like a dark blue or a dark red or to just dip dye it like super light brown or pink or blue or red and some days I just feel like cutting short but I hate short hair because I can't do much with it if I do so gahahahahaha how now brown cow :( 

Okay meh I wasn't complaining okay my hair still looks better than it has ever been! 

I actually spend quite some time on my phone heheheh!

Ah yes check out my new glasses guys! 

It's freaking oakley and I got it from one of my Dad's friend who sells Oakley shades. I just had the shaded lens removed and replaced them with clear lens and tadaaaa! 

If you guys must know, the lens are real okay like please I'm not one of those people who wears geek specs for fun hahaha! I'm almost blind without them! Almost because my degree isn't very high. Like only 150 degrees on my right eye and 100 on my left. I still miss having perfect eyesight. Sigh pie. 

Moving on, my favourite set of photos ;) 

That's it about that day! 
I am so thankful that I was able to go out with her today. When she told me that she talks about me to her friends I feel so honoured like awww :) And I was finally able to rant out everything that was bothering me also and she did the same. I'm just like really happy to still have someone I can turn to. Thanks for aggreeing to go out with me Sab, cheers to the 10th year of our friendship and obviously, more years to come! 

Take care everyone! 

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  1. OMG! You girls really can camwhore!! Raffles place is mine and Abang Anis favourite hotspot. It used to be our paktor place.....before we had the girls of cos! I so envy the freedom you girls are having! be young again......Its really great to have that one girlfriend that you can always let out to. And I believe a true friend will always be the kind that you don't get to meet always but you will never feel lost whenever you meet up! Enjoy being young cos its one thing you can never get back!